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Cerebras introduces its new AI supercomputer 

Cerebras Systems, an American artificial intelligence company, has recently announced its new AI supercomputer, Andromeda, which is now available for commercial and academic use.

The 13.5 million core AI supercomputer, Andromeda, is made by linking 16 Cerebras CS-2 systems. The organization claims that Andromeda features more cores than 1953 NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Andromeda also features 1.6 times large cores than the largest supercomputer in the world-Frontier, which has 8.7 million cores.

As per Cerebras, multiple users can use Andromeda simultaneously and specify how many of Andromeda’s CS-2s are needed to use within seconds. Andromeda can also be used as the 16 CS-2 supercomputer cluster for a single user who is working on a single job. It can also be used as 16 CS-2 systems for sixteen different users with sixteen different jobs.

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The company claims that Andromeda can deliver more than one exaflop of AI computing and 120 petaflops of dense computing at 16-bit half precision. Andromeda is the only supercomputer to demonstrate near-perfect scaling on large language models workload relying on simple data parallelism. Near-perfect scaling means that as more CS-2s are used, the training time is reduced in near-perfect proportion.

According to Cerebara, Andromeda is built at a high-performance data center in Santa Clara, California, called Colovore. Organizations and researchers from US national lab can access Andromeda remotely.

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