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BrainChip partners with SiFive to deploy AI at Edge

Integrating both the companies technologies will result in a highly efficient edge AI computing solution

Advanced AI software and hardware developing company BrainChip announces that it has partnered with semiconductor technology and software automation platform SiFive to deploy artificial intelligence technology at the edge. 

The companies say they have combined their technologies to offer semiconductor designers artificial intelligence and machine learning computing at the edge. 

With high performance, ultra-low power, and on-chip learning, BrainChip’s Akida is a new advanced neural networking processor architecture that takes AI to the edge that previous technologies can not. 

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At the same time, SiFive Intelligence solutions merge software and hardware to accelerate AI/ML applications with its highly configurable multi-core, multi-cluster capable design. 

According to the companies, the two highly advanced technologies will result in a highly efficient edge AI computing solution. For AI and ML workloads, SiFive Intelligence-based processors provide industry-leading performance and efficiency. 

Vice President of Products at SiFive, Chris Jones, said, “Employing Akida, BrainChip’s specialized, differentiated AI engine, with high-performance RISC-V processors such as the SiFive Intelligence Series is a natural choice for companies looking to seamlessly integrate an optimized processor to dedicated ML accelerators that are a must for the demanding requirements of edge AI computing.” 

He further added that the partnership with BrainChip is a valuable addition to their ecosystem portfolio. Akida, BrainChip’s first neuromorphic processor, replicates the human brain by analyzing only relevant sensor inputs at the point of capture and processing data with exceptional efficiency and precision while consuming minimum energy. 

CMO of BrainChip, Jerome Nadel, said, “We are pleased to partner with SiFive and have the opportunity to have our Akida technology integrated with their market-leading product offerings, creating an efficient combination for edge compute.” 

He also mentioned that as the company expands its network of portfolio partners, it wants to ensure that these partnerships are based on complementary technologies, enabling capabilities, and a wide range of contexts so that it may reach the maximum number of potential customers. 

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