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Bihar Police to use AI tools to bust Illegal Liquor Rackets

The AI-powered tool will help the police department to hunt down the law violators.

Bihar police announce that it plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools to bust illegal liquor rackets active in the dry state. 

According to a senior police official, the AI mechanism will digitize and automate all processes, removing the need for the force to manage data manually. 

The state’s liquor prohibition law, which went into effect in April 2016, prohibits the manufacture, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages. 

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However, several reports and incidents suggest that the law is not being followed as numerous complaints of illegal liquor sales have emerged across the state. Therefore, this AI-powered tool will help the police department to hunt down the law violators. 

“Once introduced, it will help policemen nab gangs or individuals involved in illegal liquor trade in the dry state. It will be easy to identify their area of operations with real-time analytics and automated processes,” Kamal Kishor Singh, Additional Director General of the State Crime Records Bureau, told PTI. 

He further added that law enforcement organizations are already utilizing AI in a variety of ways across the country. 

Recently, Kolkata Police also started testing an artificial intelligence tool to track and charge traffic norms violators. Officials said that the software has been uploaded to the system of LalBazar control room, which is the headquarters of Kolkata Police. 

Apart from law enforcement, AI is also being adopted in various government schools in states like Assam, Tamil Nadu, and some parts of Uttar Pradesh to mark students’ attendance, lowering the burden on teachers. 

Singh mentioned that nearly 2,000 officers and workers, including IT inspectors and constables, will be part of the proposed cadre, and the AI system operations will be handled by officials from the IT cadre. 

Singh said, “From the perspective of crime handling and management, the AI tools will help in exploratory analysis. All documents, including criminal records, would be scanned and digitized, aiding the force on the ground.” 

He also mentioned that predictive policing using AI techniques would assist the police force in predicting the types of crimes that may occur in a given region, along with the potential perpetrators.

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