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Bihar EC to use artificial intelligence for automatic vote counting in Panchayat Elections

The AI powered video analytics system will analyze video footage in polling booths to identify candidates and count votes automatically.

Bihar State Election Commission (EC) plans to use artificial intelligence solutions to automate the vote-counting process in panchayat elections. Bihar EC plans to introduce artificial intelligence in voting for the first time in India. 

State EC has partnered with AI firm Staqu to deploy this AI-enables automated vote-counting system. With the move, the state EC aims to eliminate any chances of vote tampering and keep the elections free and fair for everyone. 

Staqu will use its in-house developed AI-powered video management system JARVIS to automate the vote-counting process. The system uses multiple camera setup placed around EVM that monitors moments near EVMs to generate vote counts. JARVIS Optical Character Recognition technology to analyze video footage to generate accurate results regarding the number of votes. 

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Bihar State Election Commissioner, Deepak Prasad, said, “Panchayat elections are always a huge election as we have a large number of polling booths and candidates. Given the number of candidates and number of panchayats we receive in each election, we felt it best to automate the vote-counting verification process.” He further added that they are excited to collaborate with Staqu to deploy AI technology in the polling booths to ensure free and error-less vote counting in the panchayat elections. 

JARVIS will be used to calculate the number of votes, and the results will be verified with the election commission’s results on the website. In case of any discrepancy, a notification will be sent to the EC regarding the difference in results. 

Co-founder and CEO of Staqu, Atul Rai, said, “Staqu has been committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems, ensure there is top-notch security, and automate tasks that were previously done manually to save time and cost and avoid any errors/discrepancies.”

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