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BigBear.ai secures First Position in NAVWAR’s AI Prize Challenge

BigBear.ai secured the first position followed by L3 Harris Technologies in the NAVWAR’s challenge to support Naval initiatives of the US.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning firm BigBear.ai secures the first position in the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command’s (NAVWAR) artificial intelligence and Networks Advanced Naval Technology Exercise challenge. 

L3 Harris, one of the global leaders in developing avionics, tactical communications, and geospatial systems, secures the second position. The contest was arranged to address the gap between current and future warfare techniques and technologies. 

The prize challenge was organized to support the US Navy’s Overmatch initiative, which focuses on modernizing naval warfare using artificial intelligence-powered weapons and sensors in a Naval Operational Architecture. 

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Chief Technology Officer of BigBear.ai, Brian Frutchey, said, “This challenge allowed us to demonstrate how our automated course of action assessment AI can assist the Navy in enabling warfighters to make critical decisions quickly in operationally relevant maritime environments.” 

He further added that the company feels proud to participate in the competition to support Naval initiatives. The competition had numerous participants across various fields, including commercial, government, and academics. 

Science and Technology director at NAVWAR, Carly Jackson, said, “The participants had less than three months but the results we are seeing are quite compelling. By quickly leveraging the lab infrastructure and expertise resident across the Naval Research and Development Establishment, this new type of digital platform-powered ANTX enables us to identify and field technologies, components, or algorithms at the speed of the threat.” 

She also mentioned that the participating teams sought to motivate industry-leading companies to bring new innovation in their platforms and architectures. 

Earlier this month, BigBear.ai also partnered with Palantir, a leading data analysis and visualization software developer. With the strategic partnership, both companies plan to develop new artificial intelligence-powered solutions to provide actionable insights into complex business decisions and grow their respective customer base globally. 

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