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AudioCodes Acquires Conversational AI provider Callverso

With this acquisition AudioCodes plans to expand its product portfolio by developing various conversation AI solutions for contact centers.

Voice over IP and data networking products developing company AudioCodes acquires conversational AI and speech recognition system developer Callverso in a recent deal. Company officials did not provide any information regarding the valuation of the acquisition deal. 

However, it is mentioned that the acquisition transaction will be made in cash and will also have an additional earn-out arrangement based on sales targets over the next three years. With this new development, AudioCodes plan to expand their product portfolio by utilizing Callverso’sCallverso’s expertise to develop new contact center and live CX services like work from home services, click-to-call, and voice channel integration with chatbots. 

Callverso’sCallverso’s virtual agent technology has already been deployed in various healthcare institutions with excellent results. The virtual agent automates various critical tasks involved in the healthcare industry, like scheduling medical appointments and bill payments. Callverso’sCallverso’s virtual assistant also successfully attended over 14 million calls in 2020. 

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CEO and President of AudioCodes, Shabtai Adlersberg, said, “The technology and expertise of Callverso in developing and deploying conversational AI solutions will effectively complement AudioCodes’’ existing offering and be instrumental in modernizing contact center operations.” He further added that this acquisition would help AudioCodes to serve the growing adaptation of conversation AI solutions in contact centers at a global level. 

Callverso is an Israel-based information technology company founded by Simon Rapoport in 2008. The company specializes in developing conversational AI and speech recognition applications for various industries. 

Director of services and marketing technologies at Clalit, Marko Gabay, said, “We deployed VICA during the early phases of the COVID 19 pandemic to coordinate PCR tests and provide our customers with test results. VICA allowed us to handle the huge increase in calls to our contact center efficiently while reducing our operating costs dramatically.” 

He also mentioned that Callverso had been a reliable long-term vendor for Clalit. Callversp’sCallversp’s VICA solution has been deployed in over 1600 Clalit clinics and contact centers for the last eight years.

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