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Paytm Money launches Artificial Intelligence-powered Voice Trading

The AI Voice Trading service uses neural networks and natural language processing to deliver desired results quickly.

Investment and wealth management business platform Paytm Money launches its new self-developed artificial intelligence-powered voice trading service. The newly launched offering will allow users to buy, sell, monitor, and explore securities using voice commands. 

This service makes the process of stock monitoring and investing an easy task for investors as they do not need to spend time typing. The feature is currently available in beta for selected users. The official rollout of the artificial intelligence-powered voice trading feature can be expected soon. 

This new development comes after the announcement of Paytm’s IPO to be listed on November 18, 2021. The AI feature uses a neural network and natural language processing to quickly understand the voice commands of users and deliver desired results on screen in a short time. 

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A company official said, “This service has been launched in line with Paytm Money’s efforts to offer next-gen and AI-driven tech to elevate user experience.” Paytm is currently accelerating its research and development process for various next-generation technologies. 

This AI voice trading service is a step forward towards the company’s aim of providing top-notch tech services and features to its customers. Paytm believes that this new AI feature will drastically improve user experience and will bring more convenience to tech-savvy investors. 

CEO of Paytm Monet, Varun Sridhar, said, “At Paytm Money, our focus has always been to elevate user experience and be the first to leverage technology to make investing faster, cheaper and easier. With a mobile-first and interconnected world of devices and the much awaited launch of 5G.” 

He further mentioned that this new AI-powered feature would help users omit five to six usual tasks involved in trading in a dynamic environment with simple voice commands.

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