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Artificial Intelligence Startup LLENA(AI) Partnered With Southern University For Food Research Initiative

LLENA(AI) recently announced its partnership with Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to support its “Center of Excellence for Nutrition, Wellness, Health, and Quality of Life” initiative. 

This research will be conducted to analyze diet related health hazards in African Americans by increasing the capacities of 1890 institutions through nutrition research, teaching, and extension. The research will be led by Professor of Food Science, Project Director and Director of the Southern Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Wellness, Dr. Fatemeh Malekian. 

The startup plans to provide artificial intelligence powered insights and targeted research in the areas of food insecurity, food deserts, and COVID-19 in local and underprivileged sections of the society. LLENA(AI) will use its unique artificial intelligence platform to generate individualized glycemic index value meals. 

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The algorithm addresses many physical conditions like blood sugar and blood pressure to generate personalized healthy meal options. The initiative intends to reduce many chronic diseases in African American communities by providing healthy diet options as they are the least healthy ethnic group in the United States. 

Southern University alumna and CEO of LLENA (AI) Charlotta Carter is excited to empower her community. While addressing, she said, “As an HBCU graduate, we are excited to work with SUAREC to bring needed artificial intelligence technology fighting chronic illness in underserved communities.” 

She further added that she is glad to work with Dr. Fatemeh Malekian on this program which would deliver real COVID proof solutions. According to her, this initiative can play a vital role in eradicating type two diabetes. 

A multi-state university collaboration featuring training, education, business skills, and podcasts while leveraging LLENA (AI) technology is a breakthrough in fighting food insecurity & food deserts. The startup’s platform will be the key interface to allow the community easy access to the resources needed to manage a healthy lifestyle. 

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