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Apple announces $50 million Global Upskilling Fund

The Supplier Employee Development program is a step further towards this goal of Apple by offering new educational resources for people in its supply chain.

Apple recently announced a Supplier Employee Development Fund worth $50 million to expand learning opportunities for upskilling its supply chain. 

According to Apple, the funds will be utilized in multiple supply chains, including India, China, Vietnam, and the United States. 

Apple will also use the announced funds for new and extended relationships with prominent human rights organizations, universities, and nonprofits to support Apple’s continued efforts to empower suppliers and increase workplace rights awareness and respect across industries. 

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Over the years, Apple has been providing upskilling programs that allow individuals to gain critical technical and leadership skills required in the industry. The Supplier Employee Development program is a step further towards this goal of Apple by offering new educational resources for people in its supply chain. 

Senior Director of Environment and Supply Chain Innovation, Sarah Chandler, said, “We put people first in everything that we do, and we’re proud to announce a new commitment to accelerate our progress and provide even more opportunities for people across our supply chain.” 

She further added that they are continuing to drive innovations to benefit people and the earth in collaboration with rights advocates and education experts. 

Apart from this program, Apple also announced its 16th edition of the People and Environment in Our Supply Chain report, which describes the ways Apple and its suppliers support the supply chain. The report includes various factors such as the company’s consumption and adoption of clean energy, investment in new-age technologies, and many others. 

Moreover, Apple stated that it would engage with UN agencies such as the IOM (International Organization for Migration) and ILO (International Labor Organization) to expand its work, including launching additional programs, training, and worker feedback systems to maintain a safe and respected work environment for employees throughout its supply chain.

Deputy General Manager for Management and Reforms at IOM, Amy Pope, said, “The IOM and Apple partnership has proven results in Apple’s own supply chain and paves the way for others in the industry to follow.” Pope added that Apple’s new promises would assist workers all over the world in a practical and meaningful way.

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