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Debdoot Mukherjee becomes Meesho’s Chief Data Scientist

Debdoot Mukherjee will head a 30-man team to boost the effective utilization of data and AI.

Online reselling platform Meesho appoints Debdoot Mukherjee as its new Chief Data Scientist to boost the use of data in its platform. 

Data science and artificial intelligence have gained immense popularity over the last few years due to their value to any business, especially for companies that operate in the digital space. 

Meesho plans to use the expertise of Mukherjee to expand its capabilities in reaching and retaining more customers on its platform. 

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Mukherjee, a double gold medalist from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, will be in charge of the company’s attempts to apply artificial intelligence and head a 30-man team to boost the effective utilization of data and AI. 

He is an industry expert in the field of artificial intelligence and data science and has previously led teams in multiple leading organizations, including ShareChat, Hike, and Myntra, successfully. 

Mukherjee’s past achievements include developing a feed ranking system and AI models for Moj (ShareChat) that were able to drastically increase engagement and user retention. 

“I join Meesho feeling deeply connected with their mission of democratizing internet commerce for everyone in India. AI can play a central role in creating an efficient and healthy marketplace, which is trusted and loved by the customers and also ensures fairness and growth to all the sellers,” said Mukherjee. 

He further added that he believes that his previous experiences will aid in the development of a world-class AI team and equipment to help Meesho achieve its ambitious goal of creating a single shopping destination for India’s next billion people. 

Meesho has already been using AI and ML to offer customized recommendations to its customers and optimize sellers on its platform. This new addition to its team will further help the company unleash artificial intelligence’s full potential for skyrocketing its growth and presence in the highly competitive Indian market. 

CTO and Founder of Meesho, Sanjeev Barnwal, said, “I am delighted to welcome Debdoot as the Head of Meesho’s highly energetic AI team. His leadership and deep understanding of the field will help us meet the growing demands of our users, drive innovation and accelerate our sellers’ success.”

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