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Amazon partners with UCLA to create Science Hub for Artificial Intelligence

The Science Hub for Humanity and Artificial Intelligence will analyze the challenges that have emerged due to the rise in artificial intelligence deployment.

Technology giant Amazon partners with the University of Carolina, Los Angeles (UCLA), to launch a new research center for dealing with the rising number of social issues caused due to the amplification of artificial intelligence technologies across the globe. 

The newly established center named ‘The Science Hub for Humanity and Artificial Intelligence’ is Amazon’s first-ever collaboration with a public university to offer academic support in areas of mutual interest in the field of artificial intelligence and how it can be deployed to benefit humanity. 

Amazon has planned to provide funding of $1 million in the first year of this partnership to support research projects and doctoral fellowships on the University’s campus. Chancellor of UCLA, Gene Block, said, “The Science Hub for Humanity and Artificial Intelligence will advance AI-related discoveries and deepen our understanding of a discipline that is revolutionizing the way we use and understand modern technology.” 

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He further added that they are thrilled to partner with Amazon in carving the future of artificial intelligence and its applications globally. The science hub aims to understand the broadly faced challenges in the artificial intelligence industry and develop solutions to tackle them that would be beneficial for the entire society. 

Vice President of Applied Science at Amazon Web Services AI, Stefano Soatto, said, “The hub is designed to foster the educational mission of the university, so it can best educate the diverse talent needed to sustain the AI revolution in the years to come, in a way that benefits all sectors of society.” 

He also mentioned that the science hub would create new opportunities for university researchers by showing them various challenges and issues that Amazon faces while carrying out its operations. The science hub funding will also provide financial assistance to students of the second, third, and fourth-year by offering annual fellowship for living and tuition fees.

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