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KLA Corporation partners with IIT Madras to launch New Artificial Intelligence-advanced Computing Lab

The new facilities will focus on research to develop new AI applications for the semiconductor and metrology industries.

KLA Corporation joins hands with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras to launch its new artificial intelligence-powered advanced computing lab at the IIT Madras Research Park. KLA will be opening two new facilities in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, as a step towards the firm’s goal of investing in research and development and creating new talents in the country. 

According to officials, the facilities will focus on research in the field of artificial intelligence. The company develops artificial intelligent process control and process enabling solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry at a global scale. The new research centers will help the company further grow its operations and hire new employees from different regions of the country. 

President of semiconductor process control at KLA, Ahmed Khan, said, “Our researchers and engineers at AI-ACL join the AI experts at our AI Modeling and Center of Excellence in Michigan to form a global team committed to advancing the boundaries of AI, software, image processing, and physics modeling.” 

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He further added that KLA is the industry-leading in using artificial intelligence solutions to identify and isolate challenges in chip manufacturing, and the new AI ACL research center would help them expand their reach of artificial intelligence in product development. 

The company currently hosts over 1200 employees, and with the new facilities, new hirings can be expected. Earlier this year, KLA Corporation had raised a pandemic relief fund of over $550,000 to support the country’s COVID-19 crisis by providing financial aid to various healthcare facilities. 

Director of IIT Madras, Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthy, said, “The IIT Madras Research Park ecosystem is a perfect enabler for such an industry with academic collaboration that is bringing together our resident experts, top student researchers, and industry’s best minds. I also congratulate KLA on the grand opening of its new office in RMZ Millenia-II today.” 

He also mentioned that KLA and IIT Madras have been collaborating for the past 15 years, and this new association will help them accelerate research in parallel computing and quantum computing to develop new artificial intelligence-enabled applications for the semiconductor and metrology industries. 

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