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Amazon Launches ‘Build on AWS’ to help Startups design infrastructure

Build on AWS will enable startups to choose pre-designed cloud infrastructures according to their specific needs and rate them to help others pick the right template.

Tech-giant Amazon announces the launch of its new ‘Build on AWS’ service that will help startups design their infrastructure in a short period of time. The service includes a wide range of predesigned templates and reference architectures developed by industry experts on AWS that are specifically designed for startups. 

Businesses often spend an extensive amount of time figuring out the best architecture for their requirements. With the launch of Build on AWS, startups get the opportunity to choose from innumerous optimized and secure infrastructure templates that would help them to scale up their business effectively. 

The newly launched platform allows companies to focus on their product rather than spending hours designing cloud infrastructure for their particular use case. As the templates are built on AWS, startups need not worry about the reliability of infrastructures. 

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Amazon has also provided a review option where companies can rate and review used templates to help others choose the right pick. Startups also get the option of requesting new templates that suit their needs using AWS Activate. 

Amazon will also provide 360° support for any kind of needed assistance through AWS Support and AWS IQ. Companies will be able to enjoy the benefits of customized CloudFormation templates that can be deployed with a single click. 

The cloud infrastructures will provide support for hosting WordPress websites on Amazon Lightsail and building data processing APIs using Serverless. Interested startups can log in to AWS Activate and click on the Build on AWS section to start exploring the new service offered by Amazon.

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