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Amazon launches AWS RoboRunner to build robotic applications

At the AWS re:Invent event, Amazon launched a brand new service that helps enterprises to develop and manage their robotic apps.

At the AWS re:Invent 2021 conference, Amazon launched a new robotic service called AWS IoT RoboRunner. With IoT RoboRunner, developers and enterprises can build fleet management applications for robots.

RoboRunner assists enterprises in managing and optimizing the lifecycle of various robot fleets since it offers an automated infrastructure for fleet management. This service can be used in public warehouses, hospitals, retail shops, supermarkets, shipping harbors, and even in homes for domestic purposes.

Usually, enterprises rely on domestic robots made by different vendors to perform various fleet management operations. However, each robot has its own control software, data format, and processing speeds; it is difficult for enterprises to use robots with a centralized application.

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Since each robot has a unique architecture, it becomes difficult for enterprises to build applications for managing robots according to the use cases. To make effective robotics automation systems, companies are required to optimize robots according to their applications and task orchestrations to allow individual robots to perform a series of tasks together.

But, it is challenging for enterprises to build and deploy different robots for different operations; it requires complex integration and high technical knowledge for building advanced software.

To ease the process of deploying different robots in the enterprise’s warehouse, AWS is releasing IoT RoboRunner after finding success within their own warehouses to manage fleets of different robots. Amazon was able to manage more than 350,000 robots in their own fulfillment centers and warehouses worldwide.

To have a preview of AWS RoboRunner, check this link.

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