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Amazon Launches Amazon One For Contactless Payment

Amazon introduces Amazon One–a device for a new approach to enable contactless payment for faster and secure transactions. Users can now scan their palms by imitating prompted gestures to validate the identity. Currently, the scanner will be available at selected Amazon Go stores (two stores in Seattle, South Lake Union at 300 Boren Ave, and more), but the company has plans to provide the device to other organizations as well. Amazon Go can be deployed in retail stores, stadiums, office buildings, among others.

Although it looks like the technology was developed to mitigate challenges caused due to the pandemic, Amazon was working on this novel technology before even the pandemic happened. On December 26, 2019, the largest e-commerce company was granted the patent for Hand ID technology, which was focused toward eliminating the use of cards and applications for transactions. Amazon One uses computer vision technology in real time to authenticate and make the transactions within seconds.

To use Amazon Go, users will have to undergo an initial setup, where they can provide necessary details such as phone number, credit card, and palm scan, to amalgamate for future authentication.

Undoubtedly, Amazon Go has the potential to revolutionize the way we verify identity in our day-to-day lives, but security concerns can be a significant roadblock. Unlike passwords that can be changed in case of hacks to fortify future security attacks, users’ biometrics data at the helm of hackers can haunt forever. 

In order to overcome similar security challenges, Amazon will store the data in its cloud instead of leveraging on-device storage. In addition, customers will have control over their data and can request to delete the information from the cloud, thereby enhancing customer experience.

You can also check your usage history and manage the account if you connect the Amazon One with Amazon account, but connecting your Amazon account is not mandatory to leverage Amazon Go.

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