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Bhavishya: The AI-supported Pension Portal to Ease Pension Release

The AI-driven portal, Bhavishya, will enable people to receive constant grievance support and make pension disbursal seamless.

The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare will soon entail Bhavishya in order to seamlessly track, process, contact, and disburse pensions for older people. Bhavishya is an AI-supported portal that will send automatic alerts to citizens.

The portal will provide a continuous contact service for pensioners across the country. It will also enable the users to give their input and post grievances. Bhavishya’s launch was mandated back in January 2017 for all central government departments. It will now be available in several ministries and departments. 

The goal is to ensure payments for all retirement dues and pension payment orders (PPOs) to retiring staff on the day of retirement. To get closer to this goal, the system will provide online tracking of pension sanctions and payment processes. Given the services, people can also submit the forms for processing pensions on the portal.

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Other features offered by the AI-pension portal: Bhavishya also provides integration with Digilocker, being the first to use the PUSH technology of the latter. It is fully Web Responsive, and pensioners can access it via mobiles, tablets, or other devices. Document security offered by the portal is also enhanced to ensure that Bhavishya stores all the documents in the database, not a file system. 

Dr. Jitendra Singh, a beneficiary of Bhavishya, claims the portal is in line with PM Narendra Modi’s motto of “Ease of Living” for all. He insisted pension reforms are not only for governance but also for positive societal responses. He also ensured the AI-driven platform would be end-to-end encrypted. The encryption would follow government transparency, service delivery, and digitization guidelines. 

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