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Aicadium partners with SambaNova to develop Artificial Intelligence Solutions

The partnership will enable companies and institutions to deploy AI solutions for overcoming their business challenges.

Global technology company Aicadium partners with computing startup SambaNovo to develop and deploy artificial intelligence-powered end-to-end hardware and software solutions in Singapore. SambaNova’s AI solutions, including machine learning applications, natural language processing, and computer vision, will be available for companies to adopt. 

With this new partnership, SambaNova plans to take a step forward in achieving its goal of making artificial intelligence solutions accessible to industries across the globe. Aicadium’s expertise and SambaNova’s best-in-class computing technology will let businesses adopt various artificial intelligence tools to help them effectively carry out their operations. 

Senior Vice President of engineering at Aicadium, Dr. Rainer Burkhardt, said, “With SambaNova’s capabilities training deep neural networks from scratch combined with Aicadium’s AI platform and access to large datasets, we can really make a difference solving common issues such as high-resolution images for visual analytics problems and accelerated processing speeds.” 

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He further added that until now, small businesses had to rely on transfer learning to enjoy the benefits of deep and complex learning algorithms. SambaNovo’s dataflow-as-a-service solution is built on a highly flexible and scalable architecture that delivers unmatched performance, accuracy, and scale. This strategic partnership will help companies, institutions, governments, and many others quickly deploy artificial intelligence solutions to tackle their business challenges. 

Head of AI strategy and solutions at Temasek and board member of Aicadium, Dr. Michel Zeller, said, “This exciting partnership with SambaNova exemplifies the collective strength and capabilities of the Temasek ecosystem, connecting firms within our portfolio and beyond to deliver better business outcomes.” 

United States-based AI hardware and integrated system developing firm SambaNova was founded by Christopher Re, Kunle Olukotun, and Rodrigo Liang in the year 2017. Till date, the company has raised a total of over $1 billion in six funding rounds from investors like SoftBank Vision Fund, Intel Capital, BlackRock, Temasek Holdings, Walden International, and many others. SambaNova also develops software-defined analytics platforms that offer best-in-class performance for any machine learning training model.

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