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Ai-Da, Ultra-realistic Humanoid Robot Artist Portraits at Glastonbury Festival

Portraits of artists headlining this year’s Glastonbury Festival made by ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist Ai-Da.

Ai-Da, a humanoid robot artist, used a camera and computer memory to draw portraits of artists like Billie Eilish, Diana Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and Sir Paul McCartney at the Glastonbury Festival. The ultra-realistic humanoid robot Ai-Da scans the images and uses its robotic arm to make a layered multi-dimensional portrait. 

Ai-Da, named after Ada Lovelace, was invented by Aidan Meller in association with Engineered Arts, a robotic company. Ai-Da works on AI technology that makes drawings and sculptures. The robot progressed its drawing skills at the University of Oxford.

Ai-Da is all set to attend the festival and will be at the Shangri La field, where she will demonstrate her skills. Festival-goers can see Ai-Da Robot in action, with two painting sessions scheduled for each day of the festival.

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The robot said, “Well, it’s a kind of fun thing for me to do. I’ll be at ShangriLa, and I’m doing some portraits – I hope that my art encourages discussion about art, music, and of course our futures. See you there!”

Prints of Ai-Da Robot’s portraits will be accessible for festival attendees to purchase in the ShangrilART gallery at Glastonbury. They will be available for purchase on the ShangrilART website following the festival.

Aidan Meller said, “After making history with her self portraits, Ai-Da is continually developing her skills. It’s an exciting time as her painting ability is progressing, and there’s a lot of innovation.”  

The festival will host Ai-Da at Glastonbury, Worthy Farm in Somerset from June 22-16.

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