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Fujitsu and Intel display Real-Life AI- Solutions at AI Summit 2022

Intel and Fujitsu exhibited some real-life AI solutions at this year’s AI Summit in London. The technologies display AI Through the Ages until 2022.

AI Summit London: The info-tech company Fujitsu and processor chips manufacturer Intel showcased their AI solutions on display at the AI Summit in London. The demonstration showed how convenient integrating AI technologies into daily life is. 

Intel displayed its Voice Creation Software, 3D athlete Tracking Wearable, and Food Redistribution Network to feed those in need. The three technologies demonstrate the best tech that genuinely impacts people’s lives, with the athlete tracking model and food redistribution being the more practical AI benefits.

“There’s a lot of talk in the industry about AI, and we wanted to highlight where it’s making a real difference. They’re powerful stories with relatable AI, which we thought people would get immediately,” said Chris Feltham, a tech specialist at Intel. 

He also said, “The best AI is the one that you don’t even realize is there. Our goal is to be as accessible as possible and overcome any skills gaps existing in the AI and make it as easy as possible.”

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Fujitsu displayed its Quantum Supercomputer and Digital twin technologies. The company co-developed the supercomputer Fugaku with its optimization system Digital Annealer. 

Fujitsu’s CTO Matthew Chase, said, “The supercomputer can determine the potential outcome of something depending on the pattern it recognizes. With something like traffic flows, we can use AI to spot and monitor human behavior to identify people in trouble and preemptively prevent any problems.”

Fujitsu is also working on digital twin technologies to provide a “quantum harness” while focusing on interoperability and synergy. The idea is to provide a platform for quantum scientists to practice on.

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