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AI and Robotics Helps in Improving Healthcare Rehabilitation

Inrobics proposes a new rehabilitation model using artificial intelligence and social robots that helps patients with functional or neurological limitations for improving their quality of life.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and Inrobics Social Robotics, S.L.L have combinedly developed a robotic device that provides cognitive rehabilitation services and therapy assistance to patients. Social robots are officially certified as a medical device that aims to revolutionize the health sector through automation. These social robots can help patients with functional or neurological disorders to improve their quality of life by providing treatment for enhancing motivation, stimulating concentration, changing behavioral patterns through practice and feedback. 

The entire therapy process is done by four elements — a robot that interacts with the patient, an application that can be used by healthcare staff to set up and track sessions, an artificial intelligence system that uses a 3D sensor for controlling the robot, and a cloud-based storage system that contains information from all rehabilitation process done by the robots. 

The AI-based robot acts as an intelligent co-therapist that socially interacts with patients and offers them a series of activities or a number of exercises that patients have to follow. In addition, the robot also gives feedback to the patients on how to improve their motor skills or cognitive abilities.

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The therapy staff/doctor specially customizes every therapy given by the robot according to every patient’s need. 

Since Inrobics is a cloud-based service, it can be used in both rehabilitation centers and respective patient’s homes. For providing external assistance, they offer the Inrobics app. This app enables patients/users to set up therapy sessions with robots. The app also provides real-time insights and reports of a patient’s behavioral development and recovery. 

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