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AI-aided Surveillance Cameras under the ‘Safe Kerala’ Project

The first batch of 100 AI-aided Surveillance Cameras will be rolled out under the Safe Kerala project.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched the ‘Safe Kerala’ project in February 2019 to ensure safe traffic on the state’s roads. Various schemes have been rolled out under the ‘Safe Kerala’ initiative, including e-challans for payment of fines by traffic law offenders, e-vehicles for law enforcement duties, and AI-aided Surveillance Cameras.

Today, P. Rajeeve, Minister for Industries, Law, and Coir in the Government of Kerala, will launch the first batch of 100 AI-aided surveillance cameras. Keltron manufactured these AI-aided surveillance cameras for ‘safe Kerala’ project, and the launch will take place at the Keltron communication complex in Manvila on Wednesday at 2.30 pm. 

Antony Raju, the Minister for Transport in the Government of Kerala, will receive the cameras on behalf of the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) during the occasion. According to Keltron authorities, they have manufactured the AI-aided surveillance cameras in association with a technology partner with the feature of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Keltron’s unit at Manvila has done the cameras’ manufacturing, assembling, and testing. 

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Keltron will manufacture and supply 726 traffic enforcement gadgets to the MVD for the ‘Safe Kerala’ project. The traffic enforcement gadgets include four-speed violation detection cameras, 18 red light violation detection cameras, four mobile speed enforcement systems, and 700 AI cameras for the Safe Kerala project. The entire production of traffic enforcement gadgets is being carried out at a budget of Rs 235 crore. 

Keltron will also be responsible for the management of the gadgets for the initial five years. Out of the total Rs 235 crore budget, Rs 70 crore is set aside for annual maintenance. The safe Kerala project is a traffic enforcement project given shape by the state government and the MVD to reduce road accidents and related deaths by increasing enforcement efficiency with the help of the latest technology. Besides efficient enforcement, the Safe Kerala project also aims at providing necessary training to drivers to impart safe driving skills and thus make the roads safer.

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Osheen Jain
Osheen Jain
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  1. Why don’t they reduce the speed limit to 20kmph? That way people will start walking instead of driving. Advantages:

    Exercise will lead to overall improvement of public health. Less pollution in too!
    You don’t have to fear who all are ogling at you using the AI cameras.
    Who will get access to your road use and identity metadata with out any proper oversight by the law.
    The number of accidents will come down for sure. It is difficult to kill a person walking into him/her.
    This one of the Orwelian uses of AI technology. We are ahead of the rest of the world on par with China here


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