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Agility Robotics raises $150 million in Series B Funding Round

This funding will help Agility deliver the next generation of robots faster, building on the company's track record of success.

Advanced robots developing company Agility Robotics raises $150 million in its recently held series B funding round led by DCVC and Playground Global. 

Along with the lead investors, the funding round also received participation from Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund. Amazon recently introduced its new $1 billion Industrial Innovation Fund initiative for investing in logistics and robotics startups to improve supply chain, fulfillment, and logistics innovation in the industry. 

According to Agility Robotics, it plans to use the freshly raised funds to ramp up its research and development process and also scale its robotics production. This funding will help Agility deliver the next generation of robots faster, building on the company’s track record of success. 

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General Partner at Playgroup Global, Bruce Leak, said, “Agility is set to make a powerful impact, developing and shipping robots that are built to co-exist seamlessly in our lives.” 

He further added that since the beginning, they have thought that Agility’s unique technical approach is the only way to deliver on the promise of practical everyday robots. 

The United States-based robotics technology company Agility Robotics was founded by Damion Shelton, Jonathan Hurst, and Mikhail Jones in 2015. Agility Robotics specializes in developing products that satisfy the real-world requirements for durable, efficient, and competent mobility systems. 

The company’s unique approach involves combining design, software, and hardware skills to power robots that can perform virtually any activity as part of a blended workforce. To date, Agility Robotics has raised $178 million from multiple investors over three funding rounds. 

“Agility’s approach to designing robotics for a blended workforce is truly unique and can have a significant ripple effect for a wide range of industries, and we hope others follow suit to accelerate innovation in this way,” mentioned Katherine Chen, Head of Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund.

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