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Wipro’s Survey: Only 17% Of Organizations Consider Themselves To Be An Intelligent Enterprise

Wipro’s Survey — State of Intelligent Enterprises — received inputs from 300 decision-makers of the US and UK firms. The survey was focused on understanding organizations’ current state of ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ and the use of AI across various business functions.

Divided into four key areas, Wipro’s Survey provides insights into intelligent enterprise’s current state, challenges and benefits, adoption of AI, and future success.

One of the startling revelations was: only 17% of the respondents use AI across the entire organization. But, 80% of decision-makers understand the importance of AI and believe the technology is vital for being an intelligent enterprise. So, what is stopping them from embracing AI and other automation solutions?

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Of the many challenges organizations witness, data security is the most pressing issue. Today, it is essential for tech companies to securely streamline data across various business functions to accomplish insights and make decisions in real time. However, companies struggle with security of data and other data-related barriers; 91% of business leaders feel data barriers limit organizations from becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Wipro’s Survey –State of Intelligent Enterprises

One possible solution for organizations that are struggling while mitigating such challenges is to collaborate with the right partners. Along with IT partners, other ways of accomplishing the intelligent enterprise is by investing in people by reskilling the workforce, investment in technology, research and development, and more. Besides, 95% of respondents said that the use of AI is also essential to become an intelligent enterprise.

69% of respondents say that investment in technology is one of the top three enabling factors for becoming an intelligent enterprise.

However, the companies are willing to transform their business, but the decision-makers believe roadblocks like the cost of new technology, security concerns over new technology, navigating organizational culture, and restriction due to dated systems are major challenges.

Wipro’s survey also notes that intelligent enterprise brings numerous advantages for organizations as it strengthens IT security, improves customer experience, enhances agility, among others.

Check out the complete report here.

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