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What makes the New York Times Initiate Legal Proceedings Against OpenAI?

The NYT claims OpenAI is becoming their competitor, as it generates text that answers questions based on the newspaper’s original content.

According to a report by npr.org, OpenAI is potentially facing a lawsuit from the New York Times (NYT), the daily newspaper in New York City, due to an intellectual property dispute concerning copyright infringement. The news outlets further claim that OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, is utilizing newspaper content to train its Artificial Intelligence models.

Following months of discussions with OpenAI to establish a licensing agreement, the NYT discovered itself in a scenario where the company was concerned about integrating the newspaper’s stories into AI tools. The nature of these conversations took a turn when the news organization raised concerns that ChatGPT could potentially replace journalists, thus evolving into a direct competitor.

This has led to concerns that OpenAI could be used as a favored engine for readers, offering content generated from original reporting. As a result, it will divert audiences away from traditional news sources. In response to this possibility, it’s been reported that NYT is contemplating taking legal action.

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The NYT has modified its terms of service and expressed concerns over the possibility that users might receive concise AI-generated answers from online searchers, and these answers could be restructured from the content within the Times’ reporting.

In such scenarios, users might find their queries fulfilled without the need to visit the Times’ website. The outcomes of these cases will reduce potential traffic from their website.

With reference to this, Times’ stated if OpenAI is found to have breached any copyrights during the process or unethically trained its AI models with Times’ content, the court could mandate deletion of the ChatGPTs’ datasets.

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