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WEKA Unveils the WEKA 4, Fourth-gen Multi-cloud Platform for AI and Next-generation Workloads

The modern data platform for AI workloads, WEKA, unveiled WEKA 4, the fourth generation of its software solutions.

WEKA is a multi-cloud data platform for AI-based working environments. It has recently announced the fourth generation of its software-based solutions. Calling it “WEKA 4”, the platform aims to deliver a new reality of running workloads anywhere without compromise.

The market has seen a seismic shift to cloud computing and shared working environments to harness the power of digital strategies with AI and ML. WEKA aims to process and manage scalable data for organizations seeking innovation and first-to-market results with AI and ML. The unveiling of the fourth generation will deliver hyper-scale integrations to run previously impossible workloads in the cloud of the user’s choice.

Other capabilities that WEKA 4 introduces:

A Unified multi-cloud platform: The new release integrates with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Series (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It gives a unified deployment alternative that performs irrespective of the location.

Entirely Restructured User Interface: WEKA 4 improves the ease of use and simplifies day-to-day tasks. It streamlines recurrent operations in multi-tenant environments for better scale management.

Top-of-the-line Economics: WEKA 4 offers three overlapping methods to optimize their workloads for availability, costs, scale-tiering, a new choice of capacity, NVMe drives, and cloud object storage. 

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Enhanced Multi-Protocol Assistance: WEKA 4 habituates Sever Message Block (SMB) and NFSv4 for higher performance windows workloads. It allows the user to substitute many legacy systems with a single zero-copy and zero-tuning WEKA deployment. 

Pricing Options for New Software Packages: WEKA 4 simplifies users’ buying experience. It has released four new packages aligned to primary use cases with an option of consumption-based pricing and a subscription. 

Liran Zvibel, Co-founder and chief executive officer at WEKA, said, “Hyperscale public clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI can provide the requisite agility and economies of scale needed to fuel these critical transformations and innovation engines, but the WEKA Data Platform is the key to unlocking that value for AI/ML workloads in hybrid and now multi-cloud environments. WEKA can uniquely help enterprises to avoid cloud lock-in and run their businesses with unparalleled economics.”

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