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Top Lawsuits

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Tremblay v. OpenAI Inc.

Writers Paul Tremblay and Mona Awad filed a complaint against OpenAI, alleging that the company’s ChatGPT, was trained using their copyrighted books without their permission.

Mark Walters Lawsuit

A Georgia radio broadcaster Mark Walters filed a defamation case against OpenAI, alleging that the AI chatbot ChatGPT caused a fabricated lawsuit accusing him of money laundering.

Sarah Silverman Lawsuit

Comedian and author Sarah Silverman, as well as authors Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey sued OpenAI in a US District Court over claims of copyright infringement.

OpenAI, Microsoft & GitHub Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleged that OpenAI violated copyright laws by using public source code from GitHub to train the OpenAI's Codex machine learning model and GitHub's Copilot.

PM vs. OpenAI LP

A federal class action lawsuit was filed against OpenAI in June in California where it was accused of misappropriating personal information for training purposes of its AI chatbot ChatGPT.

OpenAI: A Threat to Humanity

Filed in July 2023, this lawsuit is a class action lawsuit that alleges that OpenAI's AI products such as ChatGPT pose a potentially catastrophic risk to humanity.

Andersen et al. v. OpenAI

This lawsuit was filed in January 2023 by a group of artists who claim that OpenAI's ChatGPT was trained on a dataset of images and text that included their copyrighted works.

NYT Lawsuit

The New York Times, a leading news organization, is considering a lawsuit against the ChatGPT maker over copyright infringement, after it recently prohibited using its content for AI training.

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