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Man Sues OpenAI Over Defamation Due To ChatGPT Hallucinations 

The widely used artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT allegedly caused a fabricated lawsuit accusing the man of money laundering.

A Georgia radio broadcaster Mark Walters has filed a defamation case against OpenAI LLC, alleging that the widely used artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT caused a fabricated lawsuit accusing him of money laundering.

The groundbreaking case comes at a time when generative AI programmes are being closely examined because of their propensity to propagate misleading information and “hallucinate” inaccurate results, such as erroneous judicial precedent.

According to Mark Walters in his Georgia state court lawsuit, the chatbot gave the phony complaint to Fred Riehl, the editor-in-chief of the gun journal AmmoLand, who was covering a real-life legal action taking place in Washington state. Riehl requested a synopsis of Second Amendment Group vs. Ferguson case from ChatGPT. 

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This case in federal court in Washington accuses the state’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson of abusing his authority by stifling the activities of the gun rights group. But according to a synopsis of the case that ChatGPT allegedly gave to Riehl, Walters is being sued by Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, for “defrauding and embezzling funds” while serving as the foundation’s chief financial officer and treasurer.

According to the defamation suit, which was filed on June 5, “every statement of fact pertaining to Walters in the summary is false.” A request for comment from OpenAI was not immediately answered.

According to the lawsuit, Walters, the host of Armed America Radio, is not a party to the Ferguson case and has never worked for the Second Amendment Foundation. The complaint brought by the Second Amendment Foundation has absolutely nothing to do with financial accounting claims against anyone.

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