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VideaHealth receives Regulatory License from Health Canada

The platform is a dental caries (cavity) detecting system driven by artificial intelligence.

Virtual care platform that provides health coaching from experienced healthcare providers VideaHealth receives a regulatory Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) from Health Canada for its artificial intelligence-powered platform named Videa Caries Assis. 

The platform is a dental caries (cavity) detecting system driven by AI. Apart from this license, the company had earlier received FDA 501k clearance of Videa Carries Assist and its trial. 

The trial showed how the company’s cavity detection AI technology-enhanced dentists’ diagnosis accuracy without introducing new workflow procedures. The AI and software solutions from VideaHealth help dentists in better analyzing patient X-rays, capturing faster reimbursements, and providing greater transparency and accuracy for treatment suggestions. 

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Founder and CEO of VideaHealth, Florian Hillen, said, “We’re excited to partner with dentists and industry-leading DSOs within Canada’s innovative dental market as we work together to bring the power of AI to all.” 

Hillen further added that VideaHealth’s primary objective is to provide clinical access to our powerful AI so that millions of people can receive more effective preventative treatment.

United States-based leading dental artificial intelligence (AI) solution provider VidaHealth was founded by Connie Chen, Jono Chang, Ozan Onay, and Stephanie Tilenius in 2014. The company specializes in providing a virtual care platform that is specifically developed to treat a person’s overall health by addressing both mental and physical disorders concurrently. 

Vida’s app provides video sessions, messaging, and digital information to assist individuals in preventing, managing, and curing chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and others. Videa Caries Assist empowers dentists with VideaHealth’s Videa Factory, which holds over 100 million data points to assist in eliminating possible AI bias in dentistry and give comprehensive standards for data trends, pathology diagnosis, and treatment suggestions.

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