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Users can create any Microsoft Excel formula with a free AI Bot

The game-changing AI Bot solves your problem and aims to remove spreadsheet difficulties.

If you are facing difficulties while working on Microsoft Excel, you now have an AI Bot that can create formulas and solve your problems. The bot aims to make working with Excel easier for those who are not familiar and do not really get the hang of Excel formulas. 

Getting pro at all Microsoft Excel’s ubiquitous features is a daunting task. Given the massive amount of data you add, it is not a very intuitive spreadsheet software for an average person. But, the new AI Bot is there to help you.

Simply head to the website and summarize the problem you are willing to solve. The results are even more accurate if your prompt is as specific as possible. For instance, refer to exact cells, rows, or columns while giving inputs. The site explains that you might need to rephrase your problem if you do not get the desired results. 

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The website also mentions an example for users to understand how to give inputs. It says, “When column A equals the sum of ‘hello,’ calculate the sum of column B.” In Excel, it outputs to “=SUMIF(A:A, “hello”,B:B).”

The project is free and open to donations. It is currently accepting donations to fund future development of the work to generate more and more Excel formulas. So far, it has generated over 3,22,000 formulas, and the count is increasing.

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