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US DoD Selects OStream’s Percept for Vision AI Solution to secure Ports

A funded deployment at the Port of Hueneme includes OStream's Percept object data technology along with its wirefree 1KM range object cameras.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) selects object data infrastructure provider OStream’s Percept for Vision AI solution to secure ports across the country. 

According to DoD, the solution will be deployed to overcome multiple challenges such as workflow problems and others. 

The DoD can use Percept’s AI Hub to connect any camera to more than 300 artificial intelligence services, resulting in real-time insights that are stored in a consolidated and private data lake. 

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Real-time analytics for the movement and orchestration of people, vehicles, and cargo are among the use cases for US ports. 

“Vision AI is a strategic initiative at many sites, including the Port of Hueneme. OStream has proven that their data infrastructure products facilitate smooth integration of cameras to hundreds of different leading AI providers,” said Alan Jaeger from the Department of the Navy. 

As backend providers for object detection, tracking, and correlation, several Percept AI service partners were chosen. A funded deployment at the Port of Hueneme includes OStream’s Percept object data technology along with its wire-free 1KM range object cameras. 

Los Angeles-based self-funded firm OStream is a software and device company founded with the aim of solving deployment issues that prevent computer vision and AI from being widely used. The founders of OStream have 20 years of experience in IoT, video, streaming media, and artificial intelligence. 

“Percept can integrate any camera with an entire ecosystem of AI leaders, allowing groups such as the DoD to choose the very best providers without forklifting their existing cameras,” said CEO of OStream, Kerry Shih. 

Kerry also mentioned that Vision AI is difficult to integrate from a system and infrastructure perspective, and they are pleased that Percept can fill this role for the DoD.

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