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US Army TITAN Program Led by Raytheon Technologies Opts for C3 AI to Enhance MLOps

The AI application platform enables organizations to develop, deploy, and operate AI and provides ready-now solutions to support JADC2.

C3 AI, an Enterprise AI software firm, announced its selection by Raytheon Technologies to deliver next-gen AI and enhance MLOps. The platform shall be used as a ready-now solution for the US Army’s Tactical Intelligence Targetting Access Node (TITAN) program. 

Raytheon Technologies is competing with others in designing TITAN, a tactical ground solution that serves as the Army’s groundwork solution for multi-domain operations. TITAN tracks and locates threats to aid in precision targeting and advancing the Department of Defence’s strategy for the Joint Force C2 (JADC2). 

To offer enhanced MLOps and AI capabilities, it will use C3 AI’s ML/AI model operations for the most effective third-party models across the TITAN enterprise. It will include both connected edge and cloud-based environments.

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Thomas M. Siebel, Chairman and CEO of C3 AI, said, “This work combines Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s expertise in aerospace and defense with C3 AI’s proven expertise in enterprise AI to support critical national security interests through next-generation technology.”

TITAN will use high-altitude, aerial, space, and terrestrial sensors data to ingest targetable data while providing multi-source intelligence support for commanders. The leveraged AI capabilities will support pattern-of-life sensemaking and automated target recognition to help operators make sense of the available data and be able to prosecute a target.

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