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University of Florida develop National AI Curriculum

Faculty members of the selected universities will develop the new course by 2023-2024.

The University of Florida has been selected to develop a new national artificial intelligence curriculum in the United States focusing on the ethical use of AI. 

A newly established National Humanities Center has chosen UF, a top-ranked public university, to build a college-level curriculum that will look at how to develop and deploy ethical AI systems. 

According to the plans, faculty members of the selected universities will develop the new course by 2023-2024. 

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The University of Florida says that it plans to hire more than 100 AI-focused faculty and is the first university in the US to provide AI courses across disciplines to prepare students for future jobs. 

Faculty members from more than 15 universities, including UF, will participate in the program to develop and implement courses, allowing students to understand how AI can be ethically used in their daily lives. 

UF already hosts more than 6000 students enrolled in artificial intelligence courses because of its public-private partnership with technology company NVIDIA. Additionally, Google will also provide support in this new program. 

Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Florida, Joe Glover, said, “This partnership with the National Humanities Center is a powerful step forward in further positioning UF faculty and students as prominent voices in the national conversation about developing ethical, equitable AI technologies to help solve the planet’s most pressing problems.” 

He further added that they want to ensure that all University of Florida students have access to AI technology as they pursue careers as scholars and future professionals in an AI-enabled workforce. 

A UF faculty member will engage in a seven-day intensive session at the National Humanities Center in this program. 

“The University of Florida’s AI initiative is an impressive investment that promises to make them a leader in AI research and teaching in the years to come,” said President and Director of the National Humanities Center, Robert D. Newman. 

Earlier this month, UF partnered with technology giant IBM to tackle multiple society’s biggest challenges by jointly launching a comprehensive skills program.

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