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Top Data Analytics Companies in India

Data analytics is the science of using data and drawing insights from it for decision-making. It is an umbrella term for several kinds of analytical practices and approaches that depend on the data and the purpose of the analysis. Data analytics has become significant as it aids in the performance optimization of enterprises by studying and working with the data collected. As businesses retain a lot of data, they need a cost-effective way to store, utilize it, and use the resulting insights into their business strategy. Getting it done manually will be a very time-consuming and expensive process. This is why the inclusion of data analytics has been automated to enable seamless business operations. Several tech-driven companies provide data analytics and related services to other organizations that do not have the capability and resources to perform it on their own. This article enlists some of the top Data Analytics Companies in India. 

Top Data Analytics Companies in India

Here is a list of 10 potent data analytics companies operating in India.

1. Accenture 

Accenture, formerly Andersen Consulting, is one of India’s most prominent data analytics companies. It is an IT services and consulting company based out of Dublin and was established in 1989 and currently houses some of the finest data strategists, industry experts, data scientists, business intelligence professionals, and other specialized personnel. With more than 100 innovation hubs across the globe, Accenture offers full-service technology and business solutions specific to clients. 

Data Analytics at Accenture

Accenture’s analytical services help organizations ensure that the data they collect is transparent, accessible, and trustworthy, as fragmented/low-grade data cannot reap any insights. Additionally, their analytical services help identify use cases hindering business progress and develop solutions to prevent that. Consequently, Accenture’s data analytics capabilities include data transformation, content analytics, Synops, business intelligence, industrialized solutions, and more.

2. Convergytics

Convergytics Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a data-driven processing and analytics startup based in Bengaluru. The company was founded in 2013 to leverage data processing and analytical facilities on a contractual basis. Convergytics provides data services that assist companies in increasing customer satisfaction, marketing ROI, and innovation to stay competitive.

Data Analytics at Convergytics

Convergytics offers analytical services for business data, marketing, digital, pricing, CRM, and social media analytics. These services cater to strategizing, managing, modeling, and tracking relevant data attributes for clients. It is one of those data analytics companies that offer lifetime value modeling, and real-time optimization for other organizations.

3. Phygital Insights

Phygital Insights is a fast-growing data analytics company based in Bangalore, India. The company provides digital services and analytics solutions to help businesses leverage data for growth, innovation, and decision-making. It has a team of highly experienced data scientists with exposure to meeting the diverse analytics needs of equally diverse businesses across industries.

Data Analytics at Phygital Insights

Phygital Insights offers comprehensive digital and analytics services covering areas in data science, business analytics, and industry analytics. Some of the services it provides include:

Digital Services: Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT, etc.

Analytics Services: Imarge Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Visualization & Reporting, E-Commerce Analytics, Healthcare & Life Science Analytics, Insurance Analytics, etc.

Talent Augmentation: Staffing Services, Managed Services, and Project Basis.

4. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is another IT services, consulting, and data analytics company based in Mumbai. It was established in 1968 to offer cognitive-powered, consulting-driven business portfolio solutions using technology and engineering services. With its Location Independent Agile delivery model, the company can deliver all its services like information enrichment, digital marketing, content analytics, creative content development, and software development to global enterprises. 

Data Analytics at TCS

TCS provides data and analytics services in three major areas:

  • Enterprise Data Management: TCS helps collect, create, and disseminate application-specific data and metadata.
  • Data Integration, Reporting, & Visualization: TCS provides several proprietary and consumer-friendly tools, like dashboards, visual reports, etc., for data integration and visualization.
  • Analytics, Insights, & Intelligence: TCS provides generic and customized Big Data, prescriptive, and predictive analytics solutions. 

5. Gramener

Data analytics companies like the ones mentioned above are largely focused on data only. However, Gramener is a unique design-centric data science company that creates customized data and artificial intelligence-based business solutions. Founded in 2010, the company describes itself as a “data storyteller,” solving complex business problems with its low-code analytics platform. Gramener aims to augment human intelligence and visual insights to enable faster decision-making.

Data Analytics at Gramener

Gramener helps organizations deal with complex data consumption problems via interactive visualization and insight generation services. The company has also established multiple AI labs to fuel innovation in data technologies, built a comic library called ComicGen for creating data stories, and introduced a low-code PaaS (platform-as-a-service) called Gramex. 

6. Capgemini India Pvt Ltd.

Capgemini is a multinational data analytics company providing IT services and consultancy. It was established in 1967 to enhance customer experience, industry intelligence, and enterprise management for its clients. The company helps other organizations to adapt technologies like cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data while considering the environmental impact of their practices.

Data Analytics at Capgemini

Capgemini masters data via Perform AI, its full-service portfolio to transform data using artificial intelligence. Like other potent data analytics companies, Capgemini also leverages a platform to ensure that organizations become data-powered while achieving sustainability. It provides collaborative data ecosystems with net zero intelligence supercharges. Capgemini also leverages Climate AI to constantly monitor the impact of artificial intelligence on organizations’ climate strategy, carbon footprint, forests, and water bodies.

7. ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech is a reputed member of the global community of data analytics companies. It is a technology services and solutions provider backed by the Business and Technology Consulting group. The company started in 2000 and aims to develop business-friendly solutions for its clients to be future-ready in digital and industry-specific technologies. ITC Infotech provides generic and customized business models for organizations across multiple industries, including consumer goods, healthcare, banking & financial services, and many others.

Data Analytics at ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech offers end-to-end automation solutions, centralized monitoring, supply chain management, merchandise connectivity, predictive analytics, etc. For trade & finance companies, ITC Infotech offers solutions to reduce the turnaround time, counter operational inefficiencies and reduce operating costs. Further, the company also offers multi-lingual helpdesk support and management solutions.

8. Concentrix India

Concentrix India is a data designing, consulting, and transformation company. It was established in 2006 with a vision to reimagine consumer experiences. The company offers all business and data services for CX design, benchmarking, digital selling, customer research, and marketing strategy.

Data Analytics at Concentrix India

Being one of the most unique data analytics companies, it offers analytical services under a few broad domains. Some of these are:

  • Digital transformation – Products and services like Chatbots & Virtual Assistants, Intelligent Automation, and Enterprise Moderation.
  • Marketing solutions – Value realization and Capability Building.
  • Experience design – Services like Journey Design, Human-Centered Design, and Product Realization.
  • Customer engagement services – Modeling, customer research, customer loyalty monitoring, etc.
  • Revenue growth services – B2B and B2C revenue growth models.

9. Latentview Analytics

Latentview Analytics is one of those data analytics companies that follow an -engineering first approach to analytics. The company is based in New Jersey and runs its Indian operations in Chennai and Mumbai. Latentview provides multiple analytical solutions to retail, consumer goods, and finance-related industries to embrace big data, machine learning, and other similar technologies.

Data Analytics at Latentview Analytics

Latentview’s analytical services include business, marketing, risk & compliance, and supply chain analytics. The company offers data engineering and insight-generating services. SmartInsights, Latentview’s AI-powered platform, enables organizations to predict consumer trends using insights, giving them a first-mover advantage. Latentview also offers Casper, a customized conversational analytics system that takes natural language inputs to output visual, textual, or audio insights. 

10. Tredence

Tredence is a data science company catering to data analytics, bridging gaps between insights and value realization. It was founded in 2013 to provide actionable marketing, sales, and operations insights. Tredence helps organizations to envision new possibilities by adopting AI-powered data sciences across diverse industries.

Data Analytics at Tredence

Tredence offers exclusive AI consulting services to help businesses transform by experimenting with AI, supply chain management with a bird’s view of the network, data engineering, and prescriptive analytics. Its clients can also avail of customized customer analytics to enhance their consumer experience. Further, Tredence provides Industry X.0, an intelligent, interconnected system for providing industry-specific insights.

11. Analyttica

Analyttica is a newly emerging data analytics company founded in 2012. The company harnesses machine learning potential to help organizations make better data-driven decisions. With a team of over 50 people, Analyttica leverages advanced analytics via patented products like LEAPS, TREASURE HUNT, and a few others.

Data Analytics at Analyttica

Analyttica offers LEAPS and TREASURE HUNT. 

  • LEAPS stands for Learn-Apply-Solve and is a virtual environment where clients can experience developing and running practical data applications.

TREASURE HUNT is a contextual AI Platform that provides ML and analytics frameworks based on an iterative experiential approach.

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