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Top Announcements from Consumer Electronic Show 2023 so far

Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest tech events worldwide, and like every year, it has already begun in Las Vegas. After two years of conducting the show virtually, the event has finally come on the ground to exhibit the best innovative technologies and products. This article sums up some of the top announcements at the consumer electronic show (CES) 2023.

Top Announcements at CES 2023: 

  1. Samsung AI-powered TVs

At CES 2023, Samsung introduced a new series of TVs with an AI-powered auto-HDR mode. The company’s Neo QLEDs facilitate Auto HDR Remastering, which Samsung says uses AI deep learning to analyze and apply real-time HDR effects to standard dynamic range content on a scene-by-scene basis. HDR increases the contrast between the darkest blacks and brightest whites a display can produce. The system compares non-HDR content with HDR one and uses machine learning tech to analyze the differences to make the conversion.

  1. LG Artcool Gallery AC

Another announcement at CES came from LG art display-cum-air conditioner. LG’s new Artcool gallery air conditioner features a 27-inch LCD screen capable of displaying photos when synced with the LG ThinQ app. Its shape is metallic rectangular, which makes it more attractive. It also has a dual inverter compressor which, according to the company, uses 70% less power compared to other air conditioners. Moreover, the device operates at low noise levels.

  1. AI Gaming Lights 

Govee has introduced the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit at CES 2023 for gamers in pursuit of a more immersive experience. Using AI trained using footage of dozens of different video games, the set-top box syncs Govee-branded smart lights via HDMI and Wi-Fi to whatever games one is playing. One of the 30 lighting effects is triggered for specific in-game achievements and on-screen events. Govee says its AI-based tech solves the issues like slow performance and low color-capture accuracy, typically experienced by lighting sync boxes. 

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  1. Samsung Bespoke AI Oven

Samsung kicked off CES 2023 with its Bespoke Home smart appliances lineup with a new oven and fridge. The Bespoke AI Oven has an internal camera and various sensors that proactively identify more than 80 dishes and ingredients to enhance cooking settings. It also sends a warning notification if it detects food is burning. The Bespoke AI Oven’s camera can stream a live feed of what is cooking in the oven to streaming platforms like Twitch. 

  1. Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex

Besides Bespoke AI Oven, Samsung debuted the 4-Door Flex, its newest smart fridge. It has an AI-powered camera that scans food labels to keep track of what is in stock and what is not. Samsung’s previous-gen fridge had the same feature, but the uniqueness of the 4-Door Flex is a larger touchscreen on one of the doors. The Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub+ offers dynamic features showcased on its 32-inch, bezel-less FHD screen, nearly two times larger than previous models. 

  1. LG Wireless OLED TVs

Another announcement from LG at CES 2023 included its entire lineup of the latest OLED televisions for 2023. The most significant addition is a 97-inch OLED TV that’s completely wireless. The 2023 C3, Z3, and G3 OLED TVs have a mode that can automatically detect and refine particular objects, like faces, to have more lifelike and colorful qualities. Another mode called AI Sound Pro attempts to emulate a surrounding sound setup using only the built-in stereo TV speakers.

  1. Bell Pepper Picking Robot

The CES also saw the debut of an advanced bell pepper-picking robot. Developed by a Japanese agritech startup named Agrist, the robot can detect and pick harvest-ready bell peppers even when a thick layer of leaves covers those peppers. The robot can determine each pepper’s position, size, maturity, and clipping point using a combination of computer vision models and cameras trained for different parts of the pepper. The robot moves with the help of suspension wires which can be retrofitted to existing farms, whereas a mechanical arm picks and clips, placing harvested peppers into a collection box. 

  1. CZ Smartwatch

Wearable brand Citizen debuted in the AI space this year with its second-gen CZ Smartwatch. The 2023 CZ Smart, which runs on the newest release of Google’s firmware for wearables Wear OS 3, sports what Citizen calls a self-care advisor driven by AI. Leveraging technology from IBM Watson, IBM’s AI research division, in particular, the CZ Smart can determine a wearer’s chronotype after collecting a week’s sleep data to provide tips that help combat fatigue.

  1. Bird Buddy Smart Feeder

Bird Buddy participated in the CES with the latest improved model of its smart feeder that takes photos of bird visitors and sends them to a companion app. The smart feeder is equipped with a high-speed camera. This next-gen Smart Hummingbird Feeder can take pictures and videos of birds with a speed of up to 60 mph. The camera is triggered by motion and sends photos via an AI system which is trained using millions of photos to identify about 1,000 species of birds.

  1. NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution

Nvidia is now using AI to upscale old, blurry YouTube videos. During its CES presentation, the company trialed RTX Video Super Resolution, a feature that is coming next month to all the Nvidia 30- and 40-series GPUs. When enabled, it will upscale videos played in Edge and Chrome on a PC to the equivalent of 4K. This feature is similar to the AI upscaling feature that has long been available on the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro. RTX Video Super Resolution, which also sharpens and reduces artifacts in videos, will support any video with a resolution ranging between 360p and 1440p up to a frame rate of 144Hz.

  1. AI-powered Smart Stroller 

The Ella smart stroller is a hands-free motorized buggy that uses artificial intelligence to detect obstacles and danger on the pavement. It was developed by a Canadian startup Glüxkind. Having sensors, including cameras, the stroller can drive itself when empty to keep up with parents while they hold their infants. It can stop automatically if it encounters an obstacle. Ella’s motors aid when manually pushing the stroller, thus assisting with inclines and brake automatically when going downhill or stationary. The Ella also features an automatic rock-my-baby feature that can sway the carriage back and forth on the stroller’s wheels, along with a built-in, customizable white noise machine.  

  1. Carbon Nanotube Sensors 

Debuted at CES 2023, the Carbon nanotube sensors can detect the presence of human tissue when it is up to 20 centimeters away. The sensors were developed by the University of Washington in collaboration with CoMotion. Hyundai will use this technology in cars for gesture-controlled smart devices that are able to detect hand movements and translate them into commands, and gesture-controlled door handles.

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