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BMW launches its latest concept car BMW i Vision Dee inspired by Metaverse 

The car features a voice interface and digital windscreen displays that will be made available from 2025 in the company’s Neue Classe car models.

BMW has launched its latest concept car BMW i Vision Dee, which is inspired by the metaverse. The company showcased the concept car at yesterday’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

Dee, short for Digital Emotional Experience, has digital windscreen displays and a voice interface that will be available in the company’s Neue Classe car models from 2025. BMW also updated its interactive website, “Joytopia,” which features a virtual world to explore and interact with Dee.

Dee has a Head-Up-Display that extends alongside the car’s windscreen to go beyond existing driver assistance and voice control technology. Once activated, the windshield becomes a display panel that features a speedometer and other graphics.

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A Mixed Reality slider controls the display, which contains shy-tech sensors where a car’s instrument panel usually is. Working alongside windows that are dimmable, the driver can use the sensors to select various features ranging from augmented-reality projection, analog, and communications, and even enter into a virtual world. 

Videos and images of the concept car are inspired by the metaverse, where the display has replaced road pavements with gardens and futuristic buildings. Externally, Dee contains a fusion of both digital and physical elements. In combination with natural language, the tech allows the car to talk to humans and express its emotions with facial expressions through its front grill and headlights. 

The car’s exterior surface is made up of e-ink segments and can display up to thirty-two colors. This allows the vehicle’s side windows to project avatar versions of the driver, extending the interior virtual world to the car’s facade.

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