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Top AI Games in 2022

The article mentions some of the top AI games in 2022.

Ever since IBM’s Deep Blue computer program has beaten Garry Kasparov in a 1997 chess match, artificial intelligence has played an increasingly productive and prominent role in the gaming world. Implemented in many unique ways, AI is used to improve behaviors, environments, and game assets.

When it comes to programming artificial intelligence, different game genres employ various algorithms. For example, FPS games utilize a layered structure in their AI system. On the contrary, RTS games feature many modules, such as economic structuring, game map analysis, efficient path-finding, etc.

This article mentions some of the top AI games in 2022. However, the numbering is not necessarily the institute ranking or order of preference.

  1. F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. – First Encounter Assault Recon – is a first-person shooter psychological horror video game for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. It is the first game in the F.E.A.R. series and one of the top AI games. Developed by Monolith Productions and initially published by Vivendi Universal Games and their subsidiary Sierra Entertainment. It is a pity that few people discuss the great first-person shooter F.E.A.R., which had excellent gameplay and challenging adversary encounters, not to mention its exceptional AI GOAP, the AI technology used in F.E.A.R., is the first game to employ Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP). The technology allows opponents to perform human-like actions, resulting in exceptionally memorable and entertaining shootouts.

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The Halo series is another popular franchise for its stunning opponent AI. This feature is one of Covenant and Flood’s critical reasons for becoming such memorable opponents in the Halo series. The very first game in the series, Combat Evolved, was an essential milestone in video game AI. The Grunts, Brutes, and other opponents have different tactics they use over time that are unique to the franchise. Halo: Reach is also an excellent example of AI usage in games.


Since 2012, Minecraft has consistently been popular among games with artificial intelligence. Many gamers enjoy its sandbox qualities as there are no set objectives. It’s possible to make it a fun or stressful experience based on how one wants to create your Minecraft realm. However, if one’s seeking a complex challenge, Minecraft has many modes accessible. Adventure mode and spectator mode are pretty popular among fans. But in general, this game is never-ending. It is like an online Lego game in which one continuously constructs. The game takes on each player’s playstyle using artificial intelligence. Players create an increasingly distinctive world with each new creation. 


Rocket League is one of the top AI Games of all time. The game provides the football-meets-cars dynamic that gamers do not realize they want. Rocket League is a famous online match with a straightforward concept: playing football while driving. Players use their rocket-powered vehicles to kick and pass the ball. The AI in this game is relatively inconspicuous. It is particularly evident in ball tactics, especially those that occur at the start of the game. This is not limited to AI games; it also knows how to make good use of AI.


Stock is another name on the list of Top AI Games. The open-source chess game Stockfish is readily available on the internet. Because it is open-sourced, it is frequently audited and updated, similar to encrypted messaging applications. Its system is updated and made more difficult every few months. One competes against an AI opponent in a chess match in the game. It is one of the most complicated artificial intelligence systems to defeat, and very few people have done it.


The Last of Us has had a loyal fan base among games with artificial intelligence since its release in 2013 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is a survival thriller. It includes plague narratives, third-person viewpoints, and an enigmatic pair of Joel and Ellie. Artificial intelligence is not used sparingly in this survival game. Every character has unique characteristics, and their reactions will differ depending on the player’s decisions. The game contains a complex backstory, so one is free to choose where it goes.

When facing an attack, non-playable characters may seek assistance from the player or ambush their blind spots. It feels like a real battle, with even one’s teammates out of ammunition. Characters exhibit self-awareness and independent thinking, much as in real life. Even if one’s not controlling her, Ellie has the instinct to take down foes. She can give away her enemy’s position and utilize objects as barriers. The greatest AI games do not just build on a narrative, but they also assist players. 


Tom Clancy’s splinter cell is one of the top AI games. The goals in all Blacklist missions are basically the same: avoid security. It is a difficult stealth game. The guard AI is exceptional here, and the AI in the Splinter Cell series has always been of interest. It reminds one of a chess game, and AI loves chess. One enters a zone, discovers all of the guards, figures out the evasion strategy, and continues toward completing the mission. But it is not as simple as it sounds. The watchguards are trained to detect and react to even the slightest changes – visual signposts and audible ones.


The success of the XCOM reboot in the year 2012 was due to its AI. Alex Cheng, the creator of the AI, thought it would be thrilling if it were not just different but also entertaining. The invention of utility came due to technological advances, which allowed for a system that assigned a quantitative value to all conceivable activities. And this is what XCOM is famous for, its restricted method of movement that enables the AI to calculate the most effective move for each turn. It considers various factors, such as how close one is to the closest objective, whether one is near hostile aliens, how many foes there are, how they behave, and so on.


Over-stylized and magnificent video games are not necessarily fun and intriguing. Google Quick Draw is an excellent example of this. Google Quick Draw is a pictionary game with AI created by a creative technologist, Jonas Jongejan. In this game, one must draw what the computer suggests in response to a question. This game utilizes AI to identify your doodles. Each stroke and line is added to the machine’s knowledge about things, people, or places. Quick Draw is an entertaining game that one may play right now through a simple Google search. If one’s interested in machine learning, it’s also an excellent place to start.


Facebook is already experimenting with AI in various products, including Facebook AR glasses. Now, Facebook is also utilizing AI in its games. In Darkforest, which was created by Facebook using AI, players engage in an intense game of Go that demands almost limitless moves. This is an ideal channel for artificial intelligence to replace humans as rivals. Darkforest (or Darkfores2), for instance, combines search-based approaches and neural networks in planning the next best move. It predicts one’s next move and makes judgments based on those assumptions.

Players frequently see Darkforest as a significant AI challenge. There are many factors to consider when playing Go when push comes to shove. There are statistics and many old-fashioned strategies to consider. These variables are assessed by machine learning and toyed with it. 

  1. FIFA

FIFA has demonstrated its authority because of its long history in the gaming industry. Most gamers have played a round of FIFA at some point. The latest versions of FIFA use a new AI-based system known as football knowledge. AI ensures that the balls behave according to scientific laws, just as it does when creating worlds. Dribblers will have more space and time on the field, increasing their skills. Moreover, AI strategy can also be detected through one’s teammates, making it more straightforward or more complex, depending on how one plays to run the game.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, non-playable characters are manipulated by AI. It is a popular choice among games with artificial intelligence. Machine learning technology enables each person to come alive. Reactions are almost tangible, and every action is a reaction to one’s decisions. The player’s wardrobe choices may elicit a few snide remarks, and their weapons may unintentionally harm even the tiniest of animals. These are minor game elements, but when taken together, they offer more engaging gaming experiences, thanks to AI technologies.


Go is an on-demand artificial intelligence game. Go’s basic techniques make it a level playing field for humans and AI, according to its origins as a game from China of trapping one’s opponent’s stones. A game of Go ends when all feasible moves have been made, like chess. The winner is the player who captures the most stones after both players have completed their moves.

AlphaGo Zero, like Darkforest, uses advanced search tree algorithms to predict actions. Importantly, it makes use of “advanced search tree” approaches. In simple words, it employs a network to choose the next moves and another to predict the game-winner. After each game, the AI opponents will improve, thanks to AI learning. Furthermore, it does not get weary of playing, which is its advantage over humans. AlphaGo’s AI has already beaten the world’s Go masters. 


Half-life is one of the top AI games of all time. One of the most innovative AI video games ever created is Half-Life, released in 1998. The creator launched Half-Life into the public eye and demonstrated how vital artificial intelligence is in a video game. The Marines are, no doubt, one of the most breathtaking features of Half-Life. The way these troops attempt to sneak around and fool the players is still fascinating today.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is another instance of a Rockstar game that has made significant progress in AI. It is one of the ideal games to demonstrate how brilliant a video game can be when the AI is near-perfect. Pedestrians are more sophisticated than before, reacting in all kinds of intuitive ways to player input, especially if it’s immediately impactful!


The Nemesis System’s limitless potential cannot be overlooked when discussing impressive AI in video games. The Nemesis System is undoubtedly one of the most significant elements of why Shadow of Mordor stands out so much. It is the first game that is still looked back on fondly today, even though Shadow of War has expanded on it. The Nemesis System is still considered a very appealing concept, and gamers can’t wait to see what other games do with it.

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