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Top AI chatbot companies in India

Industries today are slowly moving towards chatbots as it helps automate tasks like customer support, sales, marketing, human resources, and more. This results in building more virtual assistant that reduces costs and improves the customer experience simultaneously. Many companies in India widely adopt chatbots. This article talks about companies that are creating customized top AI-based chatbots in India for business purposes. 

  1. Haptik

Developed in 2013, Haptik is a top AI-based conversational chatbot commerce platform to interact with customers on their preferred channel. It focuses on three main sectors — e-commerce, marketing, and customer care. Haptik works for enterprises to build Intelligent Virtual Assistants, improving their customer experience. Their services are provided across different businesses such as e-commerce, insurance, telecom, mortgage, gaming industries, and more. Many leading brands like KFC, Whirlpool, Reliance Jio, CEAT, OLA, Zurich Insurance, and more are official partners and successful clients of Haptik.

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With Haptik’s commerce platform, conversational commerce can be digitalized, scaled, and deployed across all the messaging platforms. It provides organizations with providing on-spot recommendations to their customers in their preferred channels. 

Haptik strengthens businesses’ marketing strategies by leveraging conversational ads and answering customer queries to generate leads instantly and ultimately increase the return on investment. It leverages proactive messaging to engage customers with personalized discounts, pending carts reminders, back-in-stock alerts, and more.

  1. Maruti Techlabs

Maruti Techlabs was developed in 2009 as a digital product development company that guides businesses on their digital transformation journey with services like AI-based chatbots development, Analytics, and Product engineering. It guides firms right from materializing their ideas with rapid application development and using AI to streamline their customer support via chatbots. Maruti Techlabs provides organizations with a chatbot called WotNot, which creates intelligent, iterative, and customized bots. Organizations can acquire, engage, and retain more customers with such chatbots.

Bot development services of Maruti Techlabs assist businesses in handling mission-critical tasks, automating business growth at low maintenance costs, gaining higher ROIs, and integrating tools and systems seamlessly. With chatbot integration, Maruti Techlabs allows their clients to integrate with different channels like Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp, and more. As a result, chatbots can perform natural, relatable, and contextual conversations while fetching accurate information to drive business intelligence.

Maruti Techlabs has more than 11 years of experience and has clients from more than 30 countries. It works with brands like IKEA, Symphony Limited, Deloitte, Zydus Group, and more as a digital transformation and innovation partner. 

  1. Matellio

Developed in 2012, Matellio is a software engineering industry helping startups, entrepreneurs, and large enterprises in digital partnership. It is one of the leading companies among the top AI chatbot companies in India. Matellio includes solutions for organizations in AI, Blockchain development, Cloud integration, Embedded, Enterprise, Location-based, Mobile, IoT, Machine Learning, Staff Augmentation, and more. It is used by industries like banking, education, healthcare, entertainment, and real estate.

Matellio enables businesses to enrich customer experiences by using intelligent and cost-effective AI chatbot services for sales, marketing, and customer operations. This chatbot service comprises features like NLP, analysis, and machine learning that provide the most accurate customer recommendations for their products and services.

With an extensive experience of more than ten years, Matellio has worked for leading brands like AirFusion, Brideside, Goshow, Nervve, PTGi, and more. Matellio has served its services to more than 50 countries and has delivered more than 300 mobile apps and 600 web apps.

  1.  Quytech

Quytech is a top mobile app development company developed in 2010 that creates custom apps using AI, Android, iOS, Blockchain, Gaming, Blockchain, and VR/AR features. It comprises a wide range of services, including Android app development, strategic mobile consultancy, technology outsourcing, custom CRM development, product engineering services, offshore development center, AI development, and more. Quytech starts its mobile application development service with strategic mobile consulting, helping startups and enterprises choose the right platform for app development.

It provides organizations with AI-based chatbot development services for transforming ways to interact with customers. Chatbots built-in Quytech can work in e-commerce, entertainment, customer support, health care, delivery services, and more. With NLP and machine learning algorithms, it answers common customer queries, promotes specific products, conducts surveys, and collects customer data.

Quytech has more than 11 years of experience in serving industries with their services. It has global clients like the U.S., U.K., Canada, UAE, Europe, and more. Quytech has delivered more than a thousand projects to data and worked with more than 500 satisfied clients, including Mahindra First Choice, KMPG, Honda, Deloitte, Gabriel, Lemon Tree, Godfrey Philips, and more.

  1. Yugasa software Labs

Yugasa software Labs is India’s best web and mobile app development company. It is one of the leading companies among the top AI chatbot companies in India. Yugasa software provides custom software solutions by building apps for organizations around technology like AI, IoT, and Blockchain. It has expertise in businesses such as Food, e-commerce, Dating, Real Estate, Social apps, Education, Travel, Sports, Taxi Booking, Medical, Pets, and more. Yugasa works on various technologies such as Node.js, PHP, UI/UX, HTML/CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, Angular JS, Meta apps, AI-based chatbots, Magneto, WooCommerce, and more.

It assists enterprises in automating their business communication with AI and NLP-enabled chatbot, YugasaBot. YugasaBot does not require any prior coding and can easily integrate with any website or mobile application for receiving customer queries and interacting with them. It performs tasks such as appointment booking, seat reservations, HR operations, and more.

Many leading companies like Pathstore, Stumpel, ABRA, WWF, PSB academy, Azure power, Mobil, and even the Indian army are using Yugasa for developing AI-based solutions. With more than 600 hundred projects, Yugasa has served various industries in more than 20 countries.

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  1. Trigma

Developed in 2008, Trigma is a leading IT company that delivers innovative web and mobile application development solutions for clients across the USA and India. It provides services like custom software, content management systems, social media marketing, brand strategy consulting, online reputation management, quality assurance, digital advertising, SEO, IoT, Cloud, and AI/ML.

Trigma enables businesses to create AI-based customized chatbots using technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence that can respond to verbal or typed commands. It provides an expert team of designers, programmers, and data scientists who can deliver profit-making chatbots. Trigma can build different chatbots, including NLP/deep learning-based chatbots, flow-based chatbots, back-end development chatbots, and IBM Watson Framework-based chatbots.

Trigma has clients from leading companies such as Samsung, Whirlpool, DisNep, Suzuki, Hero, Shell, British Council, Walmart, the Government of India, and more. With more than 12 years of experience, Trigma has believed in building long-lasting relationships with its customers by providing technical certified tech experts, an R&D team, and other resources to scale globally.

  1. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains was developed in 2008 and is a Software Development, IT Consulting firm servicing customers across the globe. It is one of the leading companies among the top AI chatbot companies in India. Hidden Brains comprises various services, including Chatbots, AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, Web and App development, Front-end development, Backend development, Product prototyping, Cloud services, and more.

With Hidden Brains, businesses can create highly sophisticated and intelligent custom chatbots for interacting with customers. Along with AI, NLP, and Machine Learning technologies, Hidden Brains offers complete chatbot services for Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Slack, Microsoft, and more. Businesses can also create chatbots like conversion bots, IVR bots, online chatbots, texts bots, and more by using other chatbot frameworks such as Mircosoft chatbot, IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Facebook Bot, Chatfuel, and Amazon Lex. Hidden Brains have created chatbots for industries like healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, banking, travel, hospitality, and more.

Hidden Brains have more than 18 years of extensive experience delivering IT solutions and services to more than 2400 clients across the globe. It consists of more than 500 teams of technical and expert professionals.

  1. Teplar Solutions

Developed in 2017, Teplar Solutions provide IT solutions and custom software development services on technologies such as business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, the IoT, and more. With its robust technical experts and incredible experience in custom software development, Templar provides quality and cost-effective solutions.

AI technology mainly focuses on helping organizations assist in automating their day-by-day activities and therefore overcoming complex challenges that come their way. As a result, Teplar assists organizations in leveraging the potential of AI, ML, and NLP to build customized chatbots. Besides AI chatbots, Teplar also provides custom AI software development, advanced business analytics, boosted business automation, and more.

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  1. Squareboat

Developed in 2013, Squareboat is helping startups and MNCs build scalable digital products. The primary services of Squarboat include front-end development, backend development, app development, web design services, chatbot services, DevOps services, growth hacking services, QA testing services, data engineering, branding, and more.

Squareboat is one of the leading chatbot companies in India that offers professional services with estimated deadlines and user-friendly prices. It believes in building AI-based chatbots of varying complexity for organizations that can reach customers on every platform. Sqaureboat has several chatbot services such as Google Assistant Actions Development, Alexa Skills Development, Voice-based Chatbots, Customer support chatbots, Virtual assistant chatbots, NLP/AI chatbots, and more.

With more than ten years of experience, Squareboat has served leading brands like Paisabazar, PVR, Star, Elevation, SiSO, Dhruva, NeoPay, Juggernaut, LBB, and more.

  1. Talentica 

Talentica was developed in 2003 and is an innovative product development company with a track record of building more than 170 technology products for startups. It is one of the leading companies among the top AI chatbot companies in India. Talentica provides services in technologies like AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, connected devices, big data, augmented reality, DevOps and infrastructure, UX/UI, mobile services, and more.

Talentica uses the potential of AI technology and NLP to create custom chatbots that would help businesses understand, identify the questions in customer chats, and improve the interaction. Talentica also uses machine learning to recommend its services to customers.

Talentica has more than 18 years of experience helping customers transform their ideas into successful products across nations like the USA, Europe, and India. Many leading startups such as TALA, AlphaSense, Rupeek, Talentpool, Rubix, Opera, Citrus, and more have worked with Talentica. It has a successful team of technology experts who helps transform innovative ideas into reality.

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