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Top 11 AI Content Generators in 2022

This article will list the best AI content generators available in the global market in 2022.

An AI Content Generator is a technology or a tool that uses artificial intelligence to produce high-quality and unique content based on the keywords entered by users. The artificial intelligence industry is booming at a rapid pace as the technology is constantly improving. AI content generation is also not left behind as in today’s time, and the market has to offer several artificial intelligence-powered tools to allow users to create unique content in just a few seconds. 

However, it is important that we understand how this technology works. Sometimes it gets quite difficult to come up with new content ideas, and many struggles to begin their content. That is where artificial intelligence text generators come into play. 

In a nutshell, users have to enter certain keywords or phrases related to the topic they wish to generate a unique text without having to write by themselves. Once the keywords are entered, the artificial intelligence algorithm automatically generates unique texts which can later be tweaked by users as per their requirements.

The entire industry was revolutionized with the inception of Open AI’s GPT-3, which is a publicly available language model. GPT-3 uses very little input text to create enormous amounts of relevant and complex machine-generated material. Many of the available free or paid AI content generation tools are based on the GPT-3 language model. 

An interesting piece of information is that last year, China announced that it has now developed the world’s largest language model named WuDao 2.0. Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) developed the language model, and it says that it has 1.75 trillion parameters supporting English and Chinese. 

This article will list the top AI content generation tools, both based and not based on GPT-3. However, this article does not rank the tools but just lists them. 

  1. Writesonic 

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Writesonic is an AI content generator that produces several contents, including high-quality articles, blog posts, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, and others. An added advantage of this tool is that it supports 24 languages and comes in both paid and free versions. The tool is built on the GPT-3 language model, which ensures the reliability of the platform. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that helps in providing a seamless user experience. Writesonic’s free plan comes with basic functionalities, but the paid version has several added features, such as SMERuch integration and more. 


Image Source is also a best-in-class AI content generator based on GPT-3. was recently awarded the title of the third-best product of the month by Producthunt, and the tool is being used by several industry-leading companies such as Facebook, Adobe, Swiggy, Indigo, and more. The benefit of using is that it offers 40+ writing templates that allow users to generate content in formats or styles according to requirements. However, despite its advantages, a con of this tool is that it comes in a paid version which can be both monthly or yearly. The basic monthly subscription for begins from $35 and goes up to $199.

  1. Jasper

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Jasper is a powerful AI content generator that is being used by over 50,000+ content marketers, including Google, IBM, Airbnb, Logitech, and several others. Moreover, as Jasper offers 50+ writing formats, users can create almost any content using this AI content generating tool, starting from Instagram photo captions to Amazon product descriptions. The organization claims to have the top SEO and Direct Response Marketing professionals around the globe to educate Jasper on how to create blog articles, social media posts, website text, and more. The trust Jasper has within its user base is proven as it carries a reputable 5 out of 5 stars over multiple marketplaces. The basic pricing plan of Jasper starts from $29 per month. Interested users can also select the higher variant with added features. 

  1. Kafkai

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Kafkai is a famous AI content generator that began after the launch of Open AI’s GTP-2. Since then, the company has never looked back and has earned immense popularity in its domain. According to the company, it is the first AI content tool for content generation designed just for SEOs and marketers. Kafkai operates in three modes, the first two make use of the company’s own trained models for specialty article writing, while the third is a generic writer which has not been trained in any specific topic. A benefit of this tool is that it supports seven languages, increasing its versatility. The basic monthly plan starts from $29 and goes up to $199. The company also provides a three-day trial and a thirty-day money-back guarantee with certain conditions. 

  1. Copysmith

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Copysmith is an AI-powered copywriting software designed for eCommerce teams and agencies. With AI trained on best practices in SEO and growth marketing, Copysmith has been proven to have your product pages ranking higher on Google. The platform also offers multiple templates that allow users to generate a variety of content. An added advantage of Copysmith is that it comes with an extension for the Chrome browser that allows users to seamlessly use the platform. The basic pricing for Copysmith starts from $19 per month and goes up to $59. However, the platform provides an option for users to test Copysmith for three days for free before making a purchase.

  1. RYTR

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Rytr is an AI content generator that helps users produce quality content in just a few seconds. This AI tool also provides thirty templates, making it a versatile content-generating tool. The company says that it has more than a million happy users and has saved over $150 million in content writing. Rytr also provides 20+ writing tones that can be used to change the essence of generated content according to the desire of users. Rytr offers a free version that can be used by everyone but comes with limited features. However, the basic paid plan starts from as low as $9 a month and goes up to $29. 

  1. CopyAI

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CopyAI is a high-end AI content generator that delivers exceptional content in a matter of a few seconds. The most significant advantage of using CopyAI is that it comes with over 90 tools for content writing. Customers can use this tool to generate content for multiple purposes, including blogs, digital ad copy, eCommerce copy, website copy, social media content, and more. CopyAI provides support for over 25 languages, making it a good choice for users who need to generate content in more than one language. Moreover, it offers an unlimited project feature and a long-form editor so users can group together similar AI content. CopyAI offers a free version and also a paid version that costs $35 a month and comes with several added features like priority support. 

  1. Simplified 

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Simplified is a leading AI content generator as it provides multiple features in just its free plan. With Simplified AI copywriter, users can quickly generate 50+ different content, including blogs, articles, videos, advertising, quotations, products, and more. There are several advantages of this tool as it offers 10+ tones and supports 30+ languages that help users attract more audiences. However, the only limitation of the free version is that it has a maximum word limit of 5000. Apart from the free version, Simplified offers three more paid plans available that can be billed either monthly or yearly. The basic paid plan is priced at $15 per month (up to 5 team members) and goes up to $120 per month (up to 5 team members). The top version comes with many additional features, such as unlimited brand kits, unlimited storage, permission roles management, and others. 

  1. Articoolo 

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Yet another well-known AI text-generating tool, Articoolo, offers multiple features and benefits that make it an ideal match for many. With the goal of inventing the future of content production, the Articoolo team is made up of a collection of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers, and marketing specialists. Moreover, users of WordPress will appreciate Articoolo’s WordPress plugin, which enables an easy creation and sharing process. The company claims that its technology imitates a real human writer by creating original, high-quality text from scratch that has been proofread. Articoolo offers two types of subscription models – Pay per Use and Monthly. The Pay per Use variant’s pricing starts from $19, and the monthly plan begins from $29 per month. 

  1. HyperWrite

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HyperWrite is one of the few AI content generators that is completely free to use for everyone, making it an ideal choice for many. It comes with a very user-friendly interface that offers a hassle-free user experience. HyperWrite supports multiple websites and applications, including MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome, LinkedIn, and several others. The tool’s ability to instantly rearrange and expand content where necessary by lengthening paragraphs or rewriting sentences is one of its many useful features. If someone is looking for a free AI text generator that can also work as a writing assistant, then HyperWrite is the choice. 

  1. INK

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INK is an all-in-one solution that offers paraphrasing, AI text generation, and search engine optimization features. According to the company, it is trusted by industry-leading brands such as Salesforce, Uber, Shopify, Google, Amazon, HubSpot, and PWC. INK offers 60 templates for listicles, YouTube, and other writing-related topics. These templates are centered on advertising, growth, websites, and writing. An additional advantage of INK is that it also offers a Google Chrome extension. Though INK offers a free plan that comes with limited features, it also has three paid plans. The basic subscription is priced at $22 a month and goes up to $222 a month.

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