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TLC launches RayNeo X2 augmented reality smart glasses at CES 2023

TCL RayNeo X2 includes an AI translation feature that interprets multiple languages in real time.

A leading display technology and smart experiences provider, TCL, has announced the launch of TCL RayNeo X2 augmented reality (AR) smart glasses at CES 2023. The new glasses possess binocular full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide displays along with an array of interactive features to create AR experiences for the users.

The TCL Ray Neo X2, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, is designed to address the industry challenge of making augmented reality glasses look like conventional eyeglasses without compromising on the tech specs. The glasses maintain a lightweight and subtle body for everyday wear while having powerful all-in-one assistant features, from auto-translation and smart navigation to photography and music play, according to the company.

The glasses have display upgrades, including an image brightness of up to 1,000 nits and a high contrast ratio (CR) of up to 100,000:1. These features generate enhanced visual effects that make the AR glasses ideal for outdoor and indoor usage alike. 

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The device also has a smart GPS navigation system that makes use of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) along with gesture recognition. Its mapping shows nearby landmarks as the wearer moves. Also, the Bluetooth-enabled on-screen messages and call notifications keep users updated wherever they go.

Moreover, TCL RayNeo X2 has an AI translation feature that interprets multiple languages in real-time. When speaking face-to-face, the augmented reality glasses automatically detect and translate in-person conversations, with the subtitles displayed on the screen. This can also be turned into an immersive language-learning experience for the wearer. 

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