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The Netherlands is the most metaverse ready country, says study

The Netherlands produced roughly $6,000 of high-technology exports per capita last year.

According to a new study by an internet and telephone service researcher, Uswitch, the Netherlands is the most metaverse-ready country with the highest hospitable conditions to cater to such technology. 

Uswitch looked at several factors, such as fixed broadband speeds, broadband package prices, the prices of high technology exports, and the number of blockchain financial startups, to determine which countries possess the capacity to embrace the metaverse.

According to the study, the Netherlands possesses one of the highest average fixed broadband speeds of 106.51 Mbps. Last year, the country also produced about $6,000 of high-technology exports per capita. 

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Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France are the countries ranked after The Netherlands. All these five countries are known for growing interest in the emerging Web3 spaces. Malta has been a longtime blockchain and crypto hub.

Two crucial players in the metaverse development space, the United Kingdom and the United States were ranked 7th and 12th, respectively. Despite the recent upheaval in the Web3 space, the development of the metaverse continues to push forward.

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