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The Malayalam Film Industry is Making a one-of-a-kind Story Based on Artificial General Intelligence

Monica, An AI Story will also witness the Indian film industry using cutting-edge technologies.

India is creating its own Ex Machina, a futuristic film named Monica, An AI Story, themed around concepts like Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by the Malayalam film industry.

In recent times, the Malayalam film industry has been breaking new ground, whether it be the dichotomy between man and animal in Jose Pellissery’s Jellikettu that received worldwide critical acclaim or sci-fi fantasies like “Nine” and “Kunjappan Ver 5.35”, the southern-most state of India is raising the standards high. 

As per recent news, director EM Ashraf is directing Monica, an AI Story, which revolves around an AGI played by an American-born social media influencer and entrepreneur named Aparna Mulberry. 

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The film will supposedly use cutting-edge AI technologies to ratify the overall avant-garde subject matter, and if the rumors are true, it’s already oozing Black Mirror vibes. 

But what exactly is an AGI? There isn’t a practical example, as AGI is still a concept. However, there is a theoretical definition. AGI, which is considered a strong AI, aims to replicate diverse human cognitive capabilities in software. 

Basically, an AGI, if presented with an unfamiliar task, should be able to figure out a solution, just like a human. The ultimate goal of an AGI is to enable the system to perform any task that a human can do. Metaphysical abilities such as intuition, creativity, sensory perception, and abstract thinking are some of the things an AGI could perform. 

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