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Thailand to Establish AI Center

The center will focus on developing an ecosystem with public-private collaboration with educational institutions.

A new public-private collaboration between the Thailand government and educational institutions led Thailand to establish an AI center. The Thammasat University Artificial Intelligence Centre is honored to be a significant digital fund-supported initiative. 

The center’s primary focus will be research and development, including establishing an ecosystem to improve the country’s economic value by up to 26% and increase the product’s market value globally.

With the help of new AI operations and cutting-edge technologies, this center innovates, and enterprises will get more insight and make better decisions. Hardware and software will evolve as more big data firms enter the market after Thailand revolutionizes with AI.

Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DES), said that the center aims to build an AI-driven learning resource for the general public. It will make the public aware of the benefits of AI technology, community ecosystem building, and using AI as a commercial tool. 

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The initiative also involves consulting with other industry experts and AI research to aid with business and social challenges in AI applications. The Ministry of DES will encourage businesses to utilize AI since, in their view, new inventions and technological advancements have profoundly altered the world.

Along with the Thammasat AI Center, three more AI-based projects are scheduled. One of the projects involves an integrated medical innovation center, and another is a learning center for entrepreneurship and a metaverse project to build a campus offering AI courses.

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