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Telangana Government Launches Mission Revv Up for AI Startups

Telangana Government on Monday announced the Telangana AI Mission as a part of the ‘2020 Year of AI’ initiative. The purpose of this AI Mission is to make Telangana a global hub for Artificial Intelligence.

‘Revv Up’ accelerator program was also announced by the government, which will empower AI-based start-ups. Revv UP will start in the month of July with the sole purpose of developing the state into a global destination for AI and various other technologies. 

This Accelerator program will enable start-ups to work alongside the government to develop solutions for complex business problems. Selected start-ups will also receive help from the government and industry to set up their business at a larger scale.

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Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Government of Telangana, said at the launch, “Government of Telangana is committed to its vision of positioning Telangana as the leader in AI. After becoming the first state in India to launch an actionable policy framework for Artificial Intelligence in June 2020, we are now happy to set in motion the first edition of the Revv Up accelerator program to hone innovative AI ideas under the T-AIM. This accelerator will be a torchbearer for future Artificial Intelligence accelerators in the nation, and we are excited that NASSCOM will execute the envisioned strategy of T-AIM to identify and promote innovative and impactful AI solutions to solve real-world problems”.

This special program is meant for AI-based start-ups in Hyderabad or is willing to set up their office in the city.  Telangana AI Mission is encouraging AI start-ups with a good use case to take part in this program, which would boost the growth rate of start-ups, resulting in a higher overall growth rate of the industry. 

NASSCOM’s President, Debjani Ghosh, congratulated the entire team of T-AIM for the launch of this program for AI start-ups. She also said that NASSCOM would provide the best support possible to make this program a success.  

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