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Telangana Government to use AI for Formative Assessments

The new education policy of India made formative assessment mandatory for all schools, allowing teachers to evaluate each class once a week.

The government of Telangana announces that it intends to use artificial intelligence to aid government schools in formative assessments. 

Select Government school complexes in the state will be able to apply artificial intelligence-based solutions to automate time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks, including formative assessments, marking attendance, and logging mid-day food data, among others. 

The new education policy of India made formative assessment mandatory for all schools, allowing teachers to evaluate each class once a week and create a report detailing who grasped the idea and who did not. 

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By monitoring students’ body language, expressions, attentiveness, and the types of questions they ask in class, experienced teachers can determine who is comprehending the information. 

According to the plans, the artificial intelligence tool that will be deployed in schools will consider all the attributes mentioned above to help teachers better assess students’ progress. The tool will provide a report that teachers can use to plan additional support for pupils who have received a low grade. 

The Prof Raj Center at IIIT-H is working to develop technology solutions for the general public, and these artificial intelligence-based tools will be used as a pilot project in selected school complexes in Moinabad. 

IIIT-H Co-Innovation Professor, Ramesh Loganathan, said, “We plan to meet the concerned people once again and make specific plans for the technological interventions possible. We want to keep the technology ready for the coming academic year.” 

He further added that these would be three- to six-month projects to address difficulties as soon as possible. Additionally, the government also plans to use AI-powered tools to teach English to students and slowly expand its capabilities to teach multiple other languages. 

“For each lesson in English, there will be a set of sentences that the system will speak, and then the class or individual students will repeat,” added Loganathan. 

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