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Tech Mahindra CEO Accepts Sam Altman’s Challenge To Build Indian ChatGPT 

"Tech Mahindra’s AI think tank is in action already," said CP Gurnani.

Recently, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spoke at an event in Delhi, where Rajan Anandan, the previous CEO of Google India inquired about his advice on how Indians could develop something akin to ChatGPT in India. Sam responded by adding that while one could attempt to construct something similar in India, it would be “pretty hopeless.” 

When Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani interpreted Altman’s statement as a “challenge,” the conversation attracted even more attention. “OpenAI founder Sam Altman said it’s pretty hopeless for Indian companies to try and compete with them,” he commented on Twitter after sharing the video. “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED,” he added.

Further confirming his commitment to the challenge, CP Gurnani today tweeted, “To all those who are asking… Yes, the CHALLENGE IS ON! The purpose of this challenge is not one-upmanship or competition or headline hunting. It is a challenge to ourselves — to push the frontiers of technology for nation building. I’ve always believed that AI is not “artificial’ intelligence –- it is ‘augmented’ intelligence.”

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He further added, “Tech Mahindra’s AI think tank is in action already. We will work with academia and the government to figure out how we can “apply” human and machine intelligence to boost innovation and transform India, one industry at a time.”

The CEO of OpenAI had earlier responded to Gurnani’s tweet on Saturday, claiming that the question he was given was the incorrect one and that his response had been taken out of context. He tweeted, “This is really taken out of context! The question was about competing with us with $10 million, which I really do think is not going to work. But I still said try! However, I think it’s the wrong question.”

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