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TCS launches three Sustainability Solutions, powered by Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) introduced three new sustainability solutions on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform on February 10th, in an effort to assist businesses to acquire insight into energy usage and waste reduction. The new suite consists of TCS Clever Energy, Intelligent Power Plant (IP2), and TCS Envirozone, together which will enable organizations to achieve their net zero-emission goals.

TCS Clever Energy, built on Microsoft Azure IoT PaaS services, integrates sensors, meters, and assets across the organization to address key functions such as heating and cooling, process energy optimization, demand response, intelligent tariff management, and emission management, and sustainability compliances. This award-winning platform uses IoT, AI, machine learning, and cloud to help enterprises understand complex energy performance parameters, empowering leaders to make educated decisions without compromising business demands. In commercial and office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and factories, the Clever Energy platform helps reduce energy and utility usage, as well as carbon emissions, while lowering energy expenses. 

TCS Clever Energy is already being implemented by a major North American pharmacy retailer to cut emissions by 26% across hundreds of locations, according to the company. TCS Clever Energy is helping a Middle Eastern retailer reduce CO2 emissions by 25,000 tonnes across 1,300 outlets. At present, many TCS clients rely on this solution to achieve their sustainability goals, expanding swiftly to many assets and buildings using Azure Cloud platform services.

IP2, the second sustainability solution, incorporates AI, IoT, and digital twin technologies to help important power plants improve reliability, decrease emissions, and lower operating costs by 2-3%. Finally, TCS Envirozone monitors SDG activities to assist organizations in pursuing carbon-neutral strategies by reducing risks associated with supplier sourcing, operations, and upstream sustainability for a sustainable supply chain.

As per Lakecia Gunter, Vice President and General Manager, IoT Global Channel Sales, Microsoft, “TCS’ extensive portfolio of sustainability solutions, built with Microsoft technology, provides a comprehensive approach for businesses to embrace sustainability and deliver on their commitments.” Lakecia adds, “Through digital twins, predictive models, and other innovative IoT deployments, we’re helping organizations record, report, and reduce their end-to-end environmental footprint.”

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TCS’ Microsoft Business Unit helps customers expedite their multi-horizon cloud transformation journeys all throughout the world. TCS has successfully executed over 1,000 Azure engagements for over 225 worldwide customers. Its 50,000+ employees provide industry-specific solutions, all driven by the Microsoft Cloud. TCS’ extensive sustainability-aligned data offering package, which includes DataomTM for Sustainability, DaezmoTM sustainability analytics, and the TCS ESG integration solution, serves as the foundation for the range of sustainability products.

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