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Tata Motors unveils new EV Concept AVINYA

AVINYA comes with a distinctive DRL that runs across the front of the car, along with butterfly doors, and voice-activated technologies.

Automobile manufacturing giant Tata Motor unveils its new electric vehicle (EV) concept named AVINYA. 

The new concept EV is built on the company’s third-generation design and embodies Tata’s vision of a fully electric vehicle. Tata has also released a video to showcase its new concept car. 

The name Avinys comes from a Sanskrit word that signifies innovation that aligns with the specs of this high-tech concept electric vehicle. 

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AVINYA delivers unprecedented mobility that allows for more space and comfort. Tata’s generation 3 architecture features a more flexible design, improved connectivity, superior driver assistance technologies, and improved performance and efficiency. 

The AVINYA Concept has a distinctive DRL that runs across the front of the car, along with butterfly doors and voice-activated technologies. 

Moreover, the vehicle is built with eco-friendly material and also comes with a screen-less concept to minimize the chances of driver distraction. 

According to the company, the new concept EV is a vehicle that combines the best features of a premium hatchback with an SUV’s luxury and versatility and the space and functionality of an MPV. 

Chairman of Tata Sons and Tata Motors, Chandrasekaran, said, “While making the AVINYA Concept a reality, the central idea was to offer a mobility solution like no other – a state of the art software on wheels that is well designed, sustainable, and reduces the planet’s carbon footprint.” 

He further added that Green Mobility is at the heart of TPEM, and the AVINYA Concept is an excellent embodiment of the company’s values — a design that will not only speed up but also lead to the adoption of electric vehicles. 

Following a $1 billion cash infusion six months ago, this is Tata’s second EV debut this month. This development signifies the company’s deep interest and commitment to bringing innovations to the EV industry. 

Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, Shailesh Chandra, said, “The AVINYA Concept is the fruition of our first idea built on our Pure EV GEN 3 architecture, enabling us to produce a range of globally competitive EVs.” 

He also mentioned that their objective for pure EVs is to provide wellness and rejuvenation while traveling, supported by cutting-edge technologies, intending to increase the overall quality of life.

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