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Taoiseach And Minister Troy Launch Government Roadmap For Artificial Intelligence In Ireland

Ireland recently announced the launch of its first National Artificial Intelligence Strategy under the supervision of Robert Troy. 

The new strategy plans to drastically improve the country’s artificial intelligence services in the next five years by developing new methods for addressing local challenges and delivering better public services utilizing the power of artificial intelligence. 

The strategy will also focus on the ethical use of artificial intelligence to help public services and businesses to grow. The government aims to create a supportive innovation ecosystem to let industries adopt artificial intelligence services. Experts suggest that this bold move of the government will considerably boost the country’s economy. 

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Robert Troy, Digital and Company Regulation, and State for Trade Promotion Minister of Ireland said, “Artificial Intelligence is all around us and already changing how we learn, work and live: from how we shop and bank online, to how we use the apps on our phones.” 

He further added that this initiative would require support from the public in order to truly embrace the benefits of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is helping the country to address many crucial issues like climate action, public health, education, and many more. According to Troy, this is the correct time to put a coherent approach to artificial intelligence in a transparent manner to build public trust in artificial intelligence.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, Micheál Martin, said, “This Artificial Intelligence Strategy presents a framework for achieving this across enterprises and the public sector, including through skills, infrastructure, and appropriate governance.”

The National Strategy mentions the appointment of a new Artificial Intelligence Ambassador along with many other vital decisions like the commencement of a new artificial intelligence program for businesses to provide advisory measures of artificial intelligence absorption, increasing the availability of open government data, and many more. The government also plans to build a secure data framework for the private sector. 

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