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Swiss Transit Authority uses Nokia’s AI monitoring system to secure Rails

The AI-powered threat detection tool drastically reduces satery response time and increases operational efficiency by analyzing real-time CCTV footage.

Bus and rail transportation providing company Baselland Transport AG uses Nokia’s computer vision and artificial intelligence threat monitoring system to secure rails and railway crossings in Switzerland. 

The companies claim that the deployment of an AI-powered monitoring system to secure rails is the first of its kind in Europe. According to a report, more than 200 loss of lives and over 300 serious injuries had been recorded across several European countries in 2018. 

Nokia’s system gathers information in real-time using various technologies to generate insightful analytics that helps in providing better security and safety for passengers and vehicles as it remains a massive concern for authorities due to high chances of deaths and injuries. 

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Head of rail at Nokia, Karsten Oberle, said, “This project enabled us to address many of the level crossing safety issues which are at the top of priority lists for rail operators. By integrating machine learning into level crossing systems, we will be able to continuously improve and refine safety processes in real-time.” 

The artificial intelligence-powered detection system analyzes footage collected from CCTVs to help authorities better understand which activities are normal or abnormal. The system automatically sends notifications to desired authorities regarding any threats in railway crossing regions. 

In addition, Nokia’s threat detection tool also recognizes object types, stores event-based video clips, images, and related data. Currently, the system has been deployed in the Münchenstein municipality located in the Arlesheim district of Switzerland. 

Head of maintenance electrical systems of Baselland Transport, Michael Theiler, said, “Level crossings are notoriously difficult areas to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians, train operators, and motorists.” He further mentioned that Nokia Scene Analytics acts as an intelligent set of eyes to provide critical information in real-time for the purpose of accident prevention.

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