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Strange woman dubbed ‘Loab’ keeps appearing in images created by AI tools

Loab was first discovered by the artist through a technique called 'negative prompt weights.'

A figure of an eccentric woman keeps appearing in images generated by an artificial intelligence tool. Supercomposite, the artist, has dubbed the woman Loab.

The artist first discovered Loab through a technique called ‘negative prompt weights,’ in which a user can get the AI to generate the opposite of whatever they are typing in the prompt.

With DALL-E and other image generators supported by AI, users are pushing the limits of what such technology can do through prompts. These image generators are trained by using an endless supply of images on the world wide web.

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Naturally, the images produced by these artificial intelligence programs can be unpredictable and shocking. The latest buzz in the world of artificial intelligence is coming from an artist called Supercomposite. The artist shared images of a woman who appears in images when specific prompts are registered.

The artist used this method for the word ‘Brando.’ The tool generated the image of a logo with a skyline and the words’ DIGITAPNTICS.’ The strange woman appeared when the technique was used on the words in the logo.

Unfortunately, it is hard to understand what may be causing this woman’s figure to appear in the images. For starters, AI models are trained by using billions of images and are too complex to understand how they reached a particular result.

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